What's a Virtual Trade Show?

Tradeshows and expos are cornerstones of the sales and marketing world. When you want to get your products or services in front of potential customers and clients, a tradeshow is an ideal way to reach the right people. In the wake of the COVID pandemic, more and more trade shows shifted to virtual, and that trend will continue in 2023. Companies have learned that even for in-person conferences, including virtual components can increase attendance and accessibility. 

What is a Virtual Tradeshow?

In a traditional, in-person tradeshow, dozens or hundreds of companies set up booths to advertise their business. These booths feature product samples, software demos, etc., plus a friendly and knowledgeable face to answer questions and hype the company’s offerings. And of course, every booth has fun, logo-branded giveaway swag, so visitors will remember your business long after the expo is done.

Online tradeshow events mimic this atmosphere, and improved technology makes it easier than ever to have high-impact virtual events in 2023. Companies set up virtual booths using specialized software platforms. You can even simulate the fun of an in-person event by having contests and activities such as scavenger hunts, trivia, and photobooths. Video conferencing and appointment-making software allow your company reps to still have those valuable face-to-face interactions with potential clients.

You can even simulate the traditional free swag table at virtual conventions. With Merchology, you can set up a pop-up online MerchStore, so visitors can select the logo-branded giveaways they’d like to have shipped to them.

Benefits of Virtual Tradeshows

While many conventions originally went virtual for pandemic safety, there are multiple reasons why these online events are so popular:

  • Higher attendance: Virtual events have an average of 8-10 times the number of registrants as in-person events!
  • No travel required: This goes for attendees and for your company reps. You can reach potential customers all over the world with a single event.
  • No setup and breakdown: With virtual conferences, you don’t have the hassle of setting up the same cumbersome display materials over and over–your booth is completely virtual!
  • No more boxes of merch: You also don’t have to haul around boxes and boxes of giveaway materials. Merchology can mail out your logo-branded hats, water bottles, bags, and more straight to attendees. You don’t have to handle the merch at all.

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