Merch Madness 2022 Contest

Send in your company pic to win big in the Merch Madness 2022 contest!

Merch Madness is Here Again!

Buzzer beater! Nothing but net! It's time once again for the ultimate excitement of NCAA College Basketball. With conference tournaments wrapped up, it's time for college basketball fans to get the snacks and drinks ready while they root for their favorite teams and jeer against their friends' favorite teams!

But the fun doesn't stop there, because it also means the start of Merch Madness 2022 with Merchology! The only contest every year where your company and its crazy, hard-working, and good-looking crew of employees could win big bucks for showing off your company merch. Pop on your corporate jackets, custom logo t-shirts, or other company gear. Take a great photo, and send it our way!

A group of 5 employees all dressed in custom logo OGIO jackets pose together against a black background

Coolest Group Will Win the Loot

While you're getting ready to set up your office pool and fill out your in-office brackets, don't forget to participate in our 6th annual #MerchMadness competition. To play all you need to do is submit a photo and contact email address by DM on Instagram, by Messenger on Facebook, or by emailing their photo to social@merchology.com. The deadline to submit is midnight on Friday March 25th, 2022.

The following week, our official Merchology generator will create a random bracket with the top company entries to see which company can win it all! Merchology will then post your photo match-ups to our Instagram stories. Using with the Voting feature, Merchology followers (and your employees, family, friends, anyone!) will be able to cast their vote for which team should move on. So smile big, spread the word, and reap the benefits!

Your Team Could Win Big!

Once the week-long battle is over and the votes have been counted, we'll officially announce the winners the following week. 

All photo entries will receive $50 in Merchology credit.

The 3rd place team will receive a cool $75 in Merchology credit.

The 2nd place team will receive $150 in Merchology credit.

While the grand prize winning team receives a whopping $500 in Merchology credit! A sure-fire way to ensure that the next round of corporate gifts and company merch is the coolest around.

Submit your photo today to win big with Merchology!

Contact Merchology

Looking for tips on the coolest company photo poses? Want to know the latest corporate apparel that's catching everyone's eyes? Reach out to a Merchologist with any questions you may have on how your team can win big in this year's Merch Madness contest!