Top 10 Polos this Spring

The sun’s in the sky a little longer, the breeze no longer stings, and it’s about time to get back outside and actually enjoy the weather. That can only mean one thing: polo season is officially upon us.

That’s right: polos aren’t only for summer and beaches. They’re the breezy, casual options that make for great layering even in the cool months—even if you’re playing tennis or running errands. And there’s no better time to update the company wardrobe than by getting polos with your very own corporate logo added on.

There’s just one problem: there are about so many polos to choose from! How do you pick the right one?

We’ve got a few ideas.

Helly Hansen Men’s Riftline Polo

This cool option from one of our favorite new brands here at Merchology is an instant way to add some fun to the wardrobe. It comes in versatile and fun colors, allowing you to easily match your added-on corporate logo to the backdrop of your choice. And with smaller details all fitting right—including the self-color buttons and collar—this makes an essential piece for layering when summer isn’t quite ready to break through just yet. Great for building team uniforms or even simply purchasing to fashion some fantastic corporate prizes. (Available in 5 colors)


Under Armour Women’s Corporate Performance Polo

This classic favorite isn’t just an essential— it should arrive in the mail every time someone starts a business. It doesn’t but that’s okay, because you’ve got us. And when you pair your corporate logo with this Under Armour classic, you’ll not only have your name attached to one of the finest pieces of Women’s polo-wear, you’ll have a comfortable and athletic piece that’s perfect for getting work done. No matter what, this polo will give the supporting, breezy fabric you need to stay comfortable. One more great thing about this item? It’s available as part of our Quick Ship program, so you’ll be ready for polo season in no time. (Available in 5 colors and in a men’s companion style)


Puma Golf Men’s Blue Danube Highlight Stripe Golf Polo

If this new style for 2017 reminds you of a throwback to the glory days of golf, there’s a reason for that. There’s something uniquely vintage about this polo—yet there’s no questioning the modern style. And with the modern perks, like dryCELL technology to help keep you cool even in the dog days of summer, there’s no question that this is a polo that works just as hard as you. When you add your corporate logo to this polo, it becomes ideal for athletic endeavors such as golfing and tennis, but really suited for just about any sunny day. (Available in 2 colors)


Nike Men’s Golf Dri-FIT Embossed Tri-Blade Polo

Want a bright color that will turn heads and get your brand noticed? Then look no further. The Nike Men’s Golf Dri-FIT Embossed Tri-Blade Polo is the kind of polo people notice when you are out on the golf course or during a busy day of work. It features the bold design and coloring that has made Nike polos famous, and when you pair your corporate or business logo to this shirt—well, there’s really no comparison. This is a great option for creating employee uniforms or simply for getting yourself noticed in a crowd while putting your best foot forward. (Available in 6 colors)


Callaway Men’s Opti-Dri Chev Polo

This isn’t your usual polo color, and if you’re looking for something a little unique for your company, then that’s a very good thing indeed. This polo from Callaway is a great addition to any golf wardrobe, but it really excels as a canvas for adding on your custom logo. The minimalistic look, the modern design—all of it leaves plenty of space for the attention to be paid directly to your business’s emblem. And with Opti-Shield technology, this polo will help protect you from the sun, which is a good thing—because you’ll be wearing it outdoors a lot this polo season. (Available in 8 colors and in a women’s companion style)


Cutter & Buck Women’s Advantage Polo

You know what’s rare with polos? To put them on and have them actually look the way they look in the pictures. That’s what’s different about this Cutter & Buck Women’s Advantage Polo—it maintains that dignified shape even when you put it on. That makes it ideal for wearing out, ideal for company use, ideal for use in promotions—ideal for just about anything you’d need from a polo, really. Put it all together and you have one of the best, most minimalistic and modern polos on the market. (Available in 13 colors and in a men’s companion style)


OGIO Men’s Caliber 2.0 Polo

Here’s another old favorite that people seem to want year in and year out: the OGIO Men’s Caliber 2.0 Polo. It may be called the 2.0, but it has all of the classic vibe of the 1.0, thanks to details like a humble collar, self-color buttons, and a unique fit that is comfortable to wear out in the sun. And that’s good, because you won’t find it hard to don this particular polo outdoors, especially when you’ve added on your corporate logo for a custom touch. (Available in 7 colors and in a women’s companion style)


Adidas Men’s Select Polo

There’s nothing quite like the Adidas polo to make you feel like you’re ready to tackle the world. It’s elegant to look at, it’s obviously athletic, and the fit is always comfortable. But the difference here is a subtle little twist in the design, giving you a pattern that doesn’t only flatter the silhouette, but leaves you looking less like another face in the crowd. And that’s good if you want to add on your logo and get your business seen, because this polo delivers the subtle head-turning attraction you want. Perfect for uniforms, outdoor athletics, and even simply using it as a gift or corporate promotion. (Available in 9 colors and in a women’s companion style)


Charles River Women’s Heathered Polo

Want a twist on a familiar style? The Charles River Women’s Heathered Polo is a new style for 2017 that will put your custom logo on something fresh and original. You can see there are no buttons here—just a sleek, modern, tapered look that leaves plenty of breathing room and plenty of comfort. Pair it with everything from jeans to khakis for an athletic, everyday look—or wear it with shorts for those warmer summer days. And don’t forget to pair it with your business logo, either—but you already knew we were going to say that, didn’t you? (Available in 3 colors and in a men’s companion style)


Oakley Men’s Warren Polo 2.0

This polo from Oakley isn’t unique just because of the construction, or the fabric, but because of the pattern that separates it from just about every polo out there. And when you want your custom logo to get seen, having a pattern like that doesn’t just make the shirt look good—it also draws your eye exactly where it needs to be. The other details are here, too, including a simple two-button construction that makes this as easy to wear as a T-shirt. (Available in 5 colors)


No matter what you need these polos for—whether it be building a unique corporate gift or making a new employee uniform—you can be sure that they have the style and function to meet polo season with confidence. The main problem here? Discovering exactly which of these choices will best suit your business logo. The good news is that it’s hard to go wrong. After all, it’s polo season—and any polo on our list will be a perfect fit.