What is Heat Transfer Printing?

Heat Transfer Printing Explained

Buying logo-branded custom apparel is a must for every great company but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options and customization. Merchology has all the tools and information ready for you to make the best decision for your company. Heat Transfer printing is a newer method of apparel customization and is best used with specific types of logos and apparel. Let’s look at what heat transferring is and learn if it’s the best way to customize your next order here at Merchology.

How Heat Transfer Printing Works

The way heat transfer printing works is to first print your logo or design onto special transfer paper. The design is then transferred onto the apparel with heat and pressure via a Heat Press machine. Heat Transfer printing is best used for small and detailed logos or designs with lots of colors.

There are also some materials that are not suitable for custom heat transfer printing. Materials like nylon and leather do not respond well to the heat and it would be best to use different logo decoration methods. Apparel made of cotton or polyester are great clothing options for heat transfer printing.

Heat Transfer Printing vs Screen Printing

At a glance, heat transfer printing and screen printing seem like the same process but they aren’t the same thing! There are a few key differences between the two. Screen printing uses a mesh screen to transfer special ink on top of your customizable item. Since no heat is used in the process, the materials you can print on aren’t as limited as heat transfer printing. The size of your order can affect which of these two methods is best for your next order. Heat transfer printing is easier to set up and clean so it's best for small orders, for bigger orders it is better to use screen printing.

Now that you know how heat transfer printing works, what are some good corporate logo products for your next purchase? Custom cotton polos are light and breathable; perfect for custom heat transfer printing. For heavier, warmer clothing try looking at corporate cardigans and custom logo sweaters made of acrylic fabrics. Custom heat transfer printing isn’t limited to just clothing! Merchology has a great collection of customizable drinkware that would be perfect for your next order.

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