Apps to Collect Email Addresses at Industry Events

Apps to Collect Emails Addresses

Best Apps for Collecting Contacts at Trade Shows

Trade shows and corporate industry events are vital to companies across all markets. Expos, trade shows, and other corporate events give companies a chance to connect with competitors, learn more about changing markets, scope out new prospects, and ultimately gain an edge as they move into the future. Attending a trade show is great for corporate ROI, provided you make and maintain excellent connections there.  

In a post-COVID environment, companies and teams are eager to return to in-person corporate events. While connecting in-person, in real-time, is crucial, the follow-up is equally important. Email collection apps can help you collect contact information, then follow up with prospective clients and partners you connected with at the event.


Apps to Collect Email Addresses at Trade Shows

Why is Email Marketing Important?

Email marketing is still important to your overall marketing efforts, even though digital marketing has evolved over the years. In a recent HubSpot report, 59% percent of marketers said that email marketing produces their highest ROI. On top of that, 90% of consumers reportedly check their email on a daily basis--and say that’s how they want to hear from brands. 

Need help crafting a fantastic trade show email after an event? Check out the guide we’ve created for you here

If you’re wondering how to grow your mailing list at events, read on. We’ve got tips for trade show email collection and ideas for an event email collection plan.


Why is Email Marketing Important?


How to Collect Emails at Company Events 

Before you attend your next trade show, it’s important to have your event email collection plan in place. Aside from simply asking your visitors if they’d like to hear from you and collecting their email addresses that way, you can also collect email addresses by hosting giveaways and contests at your booth. Additionally, using email collection apps to help you record and organize attendees’ email addresses will help you keep track of all the information you gather after the event is over. 

Best Apps for Collecting Email Addresses at Events

Want to know the best email collections apps for gathering email addresses? Take a look at a few of our favorite options. 

OnSpot Social

OnSpot Social is a customizable app that works on your corporate iPad to collect email addresses and customer signatures. You can use it to send special offers and collect reviews, too. It integrates with your CRM or email marketing software so you can easily store contact information. 


Leadature is ideal for hybrid and virtual events. It’s an app that you can use to create a unique customer experience during a digital event. You can also use it for tradeshows and conferences to capture important customer data.  


Jotform is a form app that has over 150 integrations, including CRM and cloud storage options for easily transferring contact information to your storage app of choice. It also helps you collect both customer contact information and online payments. You can quickly and easily build a customizable form without coding, too.


Collect Email Addresses at Trade Shows


Sumo is a completely free email capture tool that is easy to set up and use. If you’re looking for simple and economical email collection apps, this is a great option. Like the other apps in our list, Sumo makes trade show email capture easy and quick so you can gather contacts for follow-up, then go about your event with ease. 


iCapture is a trusted lead capture app that’s used by a number of major brands, including GE and Motorola. Since it connects to your CRM, it can help eliminate the need to manually enter email addresses. Its integrations allow it to connect your leads to the workflows you’ve already put in place, making follow-up simple. 

Why Should Your Company Give Custom Gifts at Events?

In addition to your event email collection plan, giving away custom logo-branded swag at events builds rapport with potential customers and booth visitors. Gift-giving boosts the positive connections you’re building with prospective partners and customers. This positivity translates into favorable brand association and boosts overall brand recognition. 

If you’re looking for giveaway ideas for your next tradeshow, we’ve created a handy guide for you here. Your visitors will love giveaway items such as a Gemline personalized tote bag or  a logo-branded Moleskine journal

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Now that you’ve got your event email collection plan ready and your email collection apps in place, it’s time to get your logo-branded swag in order. We offer a wide variety of branded merch for corporate industry events. Contact a Merchologist for trade show giveaway ideas and help with your order!