Ember Brand Review

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Ember makes temperature-controlled drinkware that keeps coffee and hot tea at the ideal level of heat until the last drop. The brand’s patented temperature control technology ensures that coffee and tea drinkers preserve their daily ritual. Rather than a drink growing cool halfway through, logo-branded Ember maintains its warmth.

Clay Alexander, founder and CEO of Ember, began his journey into temperature-controlled drinkware in an unexpected way: by tinkering with dinner plates to keep his breakfast hot. He began by attaching temperature control circuitry and RC car batteries to his plates, experimenting until he found the way to keep his food warm throughout the course of the meal. That mission became Ember, a company focused on high-tech, self-heating drinkware that keeps hot drinks at the exact temperature they should be.

Why Ember Mugs Make Great Corporate Gifts

Custom logo Ember mugs are great for holiday gifts and cold weather--though we won’t argue that a hot drink is welcome year-round. These convenient mugs are excellent for coffee and tea drinkers, keeping drinks at the perfect heat level for as long as you need it. Whether your team works in an office or from home, they’ll appreciate a custom Ember smart mug with your corporate logo added. 


Customized Ember White Mug

How Do Ember Mugs Work?

Custom Ember smart mugs contain temperature-control technology that connects to a mobile app. From the app, you can input your drink’s ideal temperature, and Ember’s smart tech will adjust to meet your preferences.

Ember company gifts come with a rechargeable battery and a charging coaster. It takes about two hours to charge Ember on its coaster, but then, the battery stays charged for up to three hours, depending on the cup you choose! You can also use the coaster while you’re sipping your coffee or tea, which means it’s possible to keep your drink warm for even longer.

Custom Ember Product Categories

Logo-branded Ember company gifts come in three categories: Custom Ember Mugs, Branded Ember Cups, and Corporate Ember Travel Mugs. All drinkware from Ember contains the same temperature control technology and comes in a variety of colors. The custom Ember smart mug that’s right for your team really depends on how they’ll be using it most often!

Let’s take a look at a few of your options for Ember company gifts.

Custom Ember Black Mug 10 oz.

The logo-branded Ember Black Mug holds 10 oz. of your favorite hot drink and sports your company’s laser-etched logo. It’s made like a traditional coffee mug, with a handle for comfort--and of course, the patented Ember technology that keeps your team’s drinks warm! This mug’s sleek black color means your logo will be displayed in grey, giving this drinkware a clean and classy look.

Custom Ember Black Mug 10 oz.

Branded Ember Copper Mug 10 oz. 

Ember’s signature mug also comes in a sleek-looking copper finish. Our metallic collection includes not only copper, but also gold, rose gold, and silver. It’s perfect if you’re gifting your employees with a custom Ember smart mug that looks as snazzy as the technology inside!

Branded Ember Copper Mug 10 oz

Corporate Ember Black Cup 6 oz. 

If you’d like cups for your branded Ember company gifts, rather than mugs, we’ve got you covered. Corporate Ember 6 oz. Cups come in black and copper finishes, and they’re great for coffee or apple cider during cooler months. Their battery life lasts for about 90 minutes off-charger.

Corporate Logo Ember Black Cup 6 oz

Logo-Branded Ember Black Travel Mug

Everyone loves a sturdy travel mug--but what about a self-heating travel mug that keeps your coffee hot on a long commute? Ember’s Custom Travel Mug is perfect for corporate teams who have long commutes, or who travel often for business. If you’re looking for the perfect custom Ember smart mug for your team, a travel mug coil be well-suited for corporate events or winter giveaways.

Custom Ember Black Travel Mug

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