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The Duluth Trading Co. Story

Duluth Trading Company was founded by Bob and Dave Fierek, and originated as a toll organizer manufacturer, which was called the Bucket Boss. The company was headquartered on a barge in Lake Superior, which is quite a unique place to begin a brand! After then being bought by Fiskars in the 1990s, Duluth Trading Company then headed to Belleville, Wisconsin, where it is currently headquartered. Duluth Trading Company is a lifestyle brand for both men and women, specializing in corporate casual wear, custom logo workwear, durable footwear and accessories. 

The Three Stitches Philosophy of DTC

Duluth Trading Company lives and breathes the desire to get things done right, and doing them with your own hands. The brand is on a never-ending mission to help you, your team and even your family achieve their goals. By adding Duluth Trading Company to your corporate wardrobe collection, you're adding products that were meant to last a lifetime. Here's a bit more about the three stitches that are behind every product made by Duluth Trading Company:

Stitch #1: Humanity - Duluth Trading Company aims to treat every team member with respect and dignity, giving them opportunities and helping them reach their goals.

Stitch #2: Community - Duluth Trading Company believes there's room for everyone, everywhere. They believe that everyone deserves the pleasure of knowing a hands-on way of life.

Stitch #3: Sustainability - Duluth Trading Company is significantly reducing the amount of waste in our landfills by being committed to manufacturing products that last a lifetime. Combine that with eco-friendly packaging, and you're supporting a brand that's doing better by the planet.

Why You'll Love Custom Duluth Trading Co. Products

In the very beginning of the brand, there's one mantra that laid the foundation for the years to come; "There's gotta be a better way." This phrase is quite literally what the brand was built on, and is kept in mind with the creation of every product to this day. Duluth Trading Company wants to help you "do", whatever that is! These products are meant to help you get the job done, and get it done right. With durable, comfortable fabrics, innovative fits and styles, and most importantly, functional design features, these products are sure to increase your productivity and make you look great while doing the job.

Our favorite part about Duluth Trading Company? That would be that this company isn't a solo brand! Duluth Trading Company offers four incredible lines, all featuring styles that are perfect for your corporate apparel collection, and all available here at Merchology. Check out the details on AKHG, Best Made, Duluth Trading Co., and 40 Grit below!


Inspired by the vast landscape and challenging terrain of Alaska, AKHG was made for those that conquer. This gear is perfect for men and women that aren't satisfied until the mountain is climbed or the trail is traveled. From branded rain jackets, to custom logo fishing gear, to corporate UV protective tops, AKHG was made for movement and all of the challenges you put your mind and your body to. AKHG is a great selection for outdoor adventure teams, wildlife conservations and programs, fisheries, and more.

"Behind the sweat, trail miles and fishing reels in AKHG are people with a genuine love for the wild."


Add your company logo to corporate AKHG workwear and apparel for your team

Best Made

Best Made was created with the intention of making everything we surround ourselves with both beautiful AND useful. Best Made offers everything from custom work gear and logo-branded work apparel in the perfect fits, to branded corporate axes and toolboxes that were made for the toughest of jobs. When you choose Best Made for your next workwear or tool products, you can be sure that you've chosen exceptional quality and products that are built to last a lifetime. Best Made is a great option for unique gifting and housewares, construction teams, auto and mechanic teams and more.

"Best Made hopes to inspire people with possibilities: to travel, learn, accomplish things with their own two hands."


Custom logo-branded Best Made apparel, workwear, and employee uniforms make great corporate gifts

Duluth Trading Co.

Duluth Trading Company is the line made for everyone, for everyday. Tasks like fixing your fence, building a fire, or gardening are made easier when you have gear that was built with them in mind. In this collection, you'll find your new favorite custom flannel shirts, logo-branded outerwear that will keep you warm year-round, and basic custom winter layers that you'll never want to live another day without. This brand is perfect for those who love to work outside, live an active lifestyle and appreciate quality apparel!

"Duluth is gonna be there day by day, task by task, adventure by adventure, doing it all with you."


Branded corporate Duluth Trading Co. apparel and workwear can bring your company gifts to the next level

40 Grit

40 Grit wants you to follow three easy steps when it comes to their clothing and accessories: wear it, work in it, and then do it all again! It's that process that inspired this line of simple-yet-functional basic custom layering pieces for men and women. Cozy layering pieces, durable work pants and comfortable outwear are a few must-have styles from 40 Grit.

"No distractions. Nothing frivolous. Just basics built better."


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