Corporate Gift Ideas

What is corporate gifting and what are some popular corporate gifts for employees and clients

Corporate Gift Guides and Company Gift Ideas

Company presents and logo branded merchandise are wonderful ways to create a connection with employees, clients, and new business prospects. Thoughtful and unique corporate gifting can help show employee appreciation, manage client relationships, and celebrate business achievements or goals met. Shine a light on a hardworking salesperson, give a warmhearted note of thanks to a faithful client, or expand your overall network with custom logo branded gifts for your team.

Another reason that company gifts can be so important is that the physical present itself can create a touchstone experience between the organization and the individual. This developing interpersonal connection can increase employee retention and customer loyalty while also providing the receivers a promotional piece of merchandise that they may show others to increase overall brand awareness.

Learn more about company gifts and swag right here in this helpful corporate gift guide from Merchology! We'll help find answers to your toughest questions such as: who buys company gifts, what qualifies as a business gift, and why are company gifts important. 

Even more we'll provide awesome, curated lists on unique company gift ideas and corporate gift box sets to stay ahead of the trends each gifting season! From logo branded MerchBoxes sent out to each employee, corporate self-heating coffee mugs, and high-quality custom clothing brands such as Patagonia, Under Armour, Nike, and more; finding the perfect business gift has never been more fun!

Learn more about the basics of corporate gifting and why it's important in business today

Basics of Corporate Gifting

Learn more about the ins and outs of company gift giving with help from Merchology! Whether recognizing employees with awesome branded swag, celebrating client successes big and small with unique company presents, or keeping your team culture at its very best with custom team merchandise; Merchology is here to bring the fun back in corporate gift giving.

In this section, you'll learn more about what special company events should include a thoughtful corporate gift, are there price limits on company presents, where to buy corporate gifts, and so much more. Let's bring your whole team together this year with cool business gifts everyone will want to show off!

  • How to Create a Budget for Corporate Gifts & Holiday Gifts - The problem is that the term “corporate gifts” and “business gifts” is so incredibly broad that it can be hard to know where to start. This article will focus on the first step of the business gift buying process – deciding how much to spend on your gifts.
  • Corporate Event Planning GuidePlanning a company party and hosting a corporate event can bring your coworkers and managers together for a few hours of fun to strengthen your team bond.

Check out the latest corporate gifts for clients and partners to stay ahead this year

Corporate Gifts for Clients and Customers

Whether getting ahead of a holiday season, celebrating a big success shared, or just trying to ensure that your company is top-of-mind for opportunities in the future; company branded gifts for clients and customers can do it all! Show your gratitude and build on current business relationships with superior corporate gifts for your partners.

So whether you're creating logo branded pens and notebooks thanking customers for their patronage at the cash registers, adding your company logo to sweatshirts and vests for quick giveaways at the checkout page, or want to send customized gift boxes right to important clients' doors; Merchology has your corporate swag options covered!

  • Custom Corporate Gifts & Holiday Business Gift Buyers Guide - Covering corporate branded merch from custom holiday gifts for your employees or co-workers to promotional giveaways for trade shows and conferences. At Merchology, we specialize in supplying your favorite retail brand corporate gifts with your added company logo.
  • Top 10 Custom Logo Christmas Gifts for Employees in 2021 - Stay ahead of the holiday season this year with the top 10 logo branded gifts available for the whole team!
  • Top 10 Corporate Gift Baskets for 2021 - This year why not have a change of pace and build a custom corporate gift basket or company gift set from the ground up featuring classic selections from all your favorite brands such as Patagonia, Under Armour, Apple, and more!
  • How to Create a Customer Loyalty Program - Create a customer loyalty program for your business and keep client retention high! Where do you start? There’s a lot to consider, like goals, budget, rewards prizes, generating awareness for your loyalty program, and much more.
  • Top 10 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas - This year, choose a unique corporate gift that your customers will be talking about for months with Merchology! Read here to find the most popular unique corporate gift ideas that your clients will love to use and show off!

Get the perfect company gifts for work anniversaries and president club members today with Merchology

Corporate Gifts for Employee Work Anniversaries

Finding an amazing employee can be difficult in this day and age, but keeping them at the company shouldn't be with employee work gifts from Merchology! Corporate gifts to show employee appreciation and celebrate a team member's work anniversary can help your coworkers feel recognized, heard, and happy. A great employee is truly a benefit to the entire company, so show them how much you care with company gifts for work anniversaries. 

Check out some of the most thoughtful and unique corporate gift ideas below to truly rock your team member celebrations this year. Don't quite have everyone back in the office yet? No worries! Send out custom branded MerchBoxes straight to your employees' doors for a great way to connect. From custom sweatshirts and hoodies, to logo branded electronics and snacks; customize your company gifts today!

  • Top 10 Work Anniversary Gifts of 2021 - We've compiled the top gift ideas to help your employees celebrate their anniversary with your company. Thank your employees for their commitment and dedication to your company by gifting them custom merch that they will treasure.
  • Top 10 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas - This year, choose a unique corporate gift that your employees will be talking about for months with Merchology! Read here to find the most popular  unique corporate gift ideas that your colleagues will love.

From crushing sales goals to joining the coveted Presidents Club at your company, corporate gifts are a perfect choice

Corporate Gifts for President's Club

It's a fantastic feeling to see employees and coworkers really strive for the best in their roles everyday, and it feels even better to celebrate their hard work! For those employees who have put in the time and drive to reach the highest status or level in their sales department, cap off the year on the highest note yet with corporate gifts for President's Club members from Merchology!

Highly anticipated and treasure, show appreciation for your highest-performing salespeople with logo branded gifts for President's Club honorees this year. An ideal way to reward their high-level of work ethic, corporate gifts for president's club members can be the perfect all-around gift or a finishing touch to a much larger present such as trips, high-end items, and more!

  • Top 10 Corporate Gift Baskets for 2021 - Whether creating a high-end company gift basket for your new President's Club members, or are simply adding a final touch to a extra amazing gift, logo branded gift baskets are here!

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Feeling excited about the possibilities of company gifts and corporate presents for the whole team this year? You're not alone! Studies have shown that after the stressful past year we've all shared around the world, celebrating your team making it through is top of everyone's minds. Start shopping today to get ahead of the curve and ensure your corporate gifts are one to be remembered.

For those finding themselves stretched for time, check out our Quick Ship collection of premium clothing and goods from brands such as Patagonia, Ember, Under Armour, and more. Shop for sustainable corporate gifts this year with custom Zusa clothing and work backpacks made from recycled materials.

Or feel free to reach out to a Merchologist today! Our expert team is ready and available to help you find the perfect custom merch combination to create the perfect corporate gift this year.