Custom Woodchuck USA Wooden Boxes

Custom Woodchuck USA Wooden Boxes

Branded Woodchuck USA Corporate Gifts

Every company is started with a business-oriented goal in mind. There’s a specific, unique product or service the company has to offer that sets it apart from the rest of its market. What truly sets a company apart, though, is when it’s founded with a specific goal to better the world. It’s inspiring when a business has a special passion that drives the work they do, one ethical mission they pour their efforts into. Woodchuck USA is a brand that does both. With a business focus on beautiful, unique custom wood pieces and a conscientious focus on tree planting.

Woodchuck USA has joined the global fight to neutralize greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere by the year 2050. The brand has committed to planting one tree for every product sold. In fact, Woodchuck USA has pledged to plant 15 million trees by 2030! As a brand. Woodchuck USA believes in reconnecting people with nature—a connection that our world sometimes seems to have lost. Through their custom wood products, they hope to remind people of nature’s wonder and beauty. 

Based in St. Paul, MN, Woodchuck USA was founded in 2013 with one laser engraving machine in a college dorm room. The company has grown to employ 30 employees and has long since outgrown the dorm. Woodchuck USA specializes in laser engraving custom designs into beautifully crafted wooden products, including journals, candles, flasks, and a lot more. One of our personal favorites? Woodchuck USA custom wood boxes!

Custom Woodchuck USA Wooden Boxes

If you want your corporate gifts to stand out, custom wood packaging and gift boxes from Woodchuck USA will help you make a great impression! If you can dream it, the amazing Woodchuck USA craftsmen can make it happen. Custom Woodchuck USA wooden boxes are perfect for marketing giveaways, packaging for limited edition products, and special gifts to show your most loyal clients how much their partnership means to you. Custom wooden boxes make sustainable packaging that will get reused rather than end up in a landfill!

To celebrate a very special occasion that you want your clients or team members to remember, custom wood boxes are long-lasting keepsakes that can hold memories while helping promote brand recognition and loyalty for your company!

How to Order Custom Woodchuck USA Wooden Boxes

We’ve put together a guide to help you choose the right material, style, and size for your custom Woodchuck USA wooden boxes!


Wood Types

  • Cedar: Their most popular choice, cedar has a slight reddish tone with knots and texture that make every custom cedar box unique. 
Custom Woodchuck USA  Cedar Box
  • Mahogany: Mahogany wood has a more consistent pattern and texture, making it perfect for intricate logos.
Custom Mahogany Woodchuck USA Box
  • Maple: Maple is a soft, light-colored wood that engraves easily but also wears out a bit more quickly.
Custom Woodchuck USA Maple Gift
  • Baltic Birch: Baltic Birch is very similar to maple, but it’s a less expensive option.
Custom Woodchuck USA Birch Box
  • Walnut: On the opposite end of the spectrum, walnut is the darkest color option Woodchuck USA offers for custom wooden boxes, and it’s a great durable material.
Custom Woodchuck USA Walnut Box


Lid Styles

  • Set Top: A Set Top lid is flush with the sides of the box so that no pieces stick out. Set Tops have visible stitches.
  • Drop Top: Drop Top lids are also flush with the box with no protruding pieces. Drop Tops, though, are seamless.
  • Slide Tops: Slide Top lids do just that: they slide into place via slits in the box’s sides.
  • Hing Tops: Hinge Tops lids flip open and closed on metal hinges.
Custom Woodchuck USA Box Lid Types

 Lids can be crafted from wood or from a clear acrylic material that allows you to showcase the gifts inside!

Decoration Options

Woodchuck USA offers different types of decoration methods, including acrylic inlay logo, custom etching over the entire box, and even variable data, which means that each box will be unique. Add team members’ names, players’ jersey numbers, graduation class years, and more!

Wooden dividers and foam inserts can be added to custom wood chuck boxes to beautifully display products and keep them protected!

What Can Custom Wood Packaging Be Used For?

While Woodchuck USA can create custom wood boxes for almost any gift or product, here are a few different ways wood packaging can be used! Need company logo-branded gifts or apparel to fill your custom Woodchuck boxes? We’ve got you covered. Shop custom corporate gifts and apparel at Merchology! We can logo brand anything from custom wine labels to engraved smartwatches!

Woodchuck USA Box Sizing

Not sure if Woodchuck USA can create the specific size or dimensions you need for your custom wood packaging? Contact one of their team members to talk about the specifics of your project! In the past, Woodchuck USA has created custom boxes in many different sizes, from 4”x5” boxes for watches to large wine collection boxes.  

Custom Woodchuck USA Corporate Gifts

Looking for more custom sustainable corporate gift options? Shop our Woodchuck USA collection at Merchology! Browse custom Woodchuck USA candles, Woodchuck journals, Woodchuck flasks, custom bottle openers, engraved planters, coaster sets with your company’s logo, and other custom Woodchuck USA Corporate Gifts!


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