Do You Give Presents for Virtual Tradeshows?

Do You Give Presents at Virtual Trade Shows?

Branded Gifts for Virtual Corporate Events

During the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person events shifted to virtual platforms, and trade shows were no exception. Even though business travel is returning, many companies have discovered that virtual trade shows provide a high ROI, generating business leads and connections with lower cost and hassle. Virtual trade shows allow you to reach a broader audience; since no travel is required, potential customers and clients from around the world are easily able to participate. With so many far-flung attendees for your virtual trade show, it’s more important than ever to reach this audience with corporate branded giveaways and event swag.

Below, we’ll talk about why it’s vital to give gifts for online tradeshows, and we’ll show how easy it is to ship out fun logo-branded merch with Merchology. 

Branded Gift Sets for Virtual Events

Do You Give Custom Presents for Virtual Trade Shows? 

Giveaways have always been an important part of connecting with potential clients at trade shows, and these gifts are even more crucial when an event is virtual or hybrid. Without face-to-face interaction, high-quality gift boxes take on even more value in building those essential customer connections.

For best results, you should send out custom swag before the virtual event takes place. Here’s why:

  • Build excitement for your virtual event: Online conferences can sometimes feel like just another to-do on a person’s calendar. Great gifts can shift that perspective and increase engagement.
  • Show your company cares: When you ship out corporate swag to virtual attendees, you are sending a thank you for registering for the event. And when those gifts are high-quality, you show that your company values the attendees’ time and effort.
  • Create brand recognition: Your virtual booth will be even more successful when attendees already recognize your logo from the useful gift items they just received.
  • Establish lasting relationships: Give gifts that clients and partners will use and appreciate, and they will remember your company (as well as your products and services) every time they see your logo.

Virtual Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

To make the highest impact, don’t simply mail a single item to conference attendees; instead, send out branded gift sets to your virtual participants. But that doesn’t mean you have to order, package, and mail out swag boxes yourself. Merchology has a variety of pre-selected MerchBoxes and gift sets ready for you to order. Plus, we handle all the shipping for you! You simply give us attendees’ addresses, and we take care of the rest.

Customized Wellness Gift Set from Merchology

MerchBoxes: Curated Themed Gift Boxes

With MerchBox, our Merchologists have already put together great collections of swag that are ready to be customized with your logo.

  • Zippity Zusa MerchbBox includes a polo shirt, a cap, a reusable water bottle, and a backpack, all from eco-friendly brand Zusa. Their high-quality products are made from recycled water bottles, making this box a good choice for tradeshows with a focus on sustainability.
  • Speedy Essentials MerchBox includes swag essentials from a variety of top brands: an Under Armour quarter-zip shirt, a Zusa duffel, a Yeti tumbler, and a Leed’s blanket.
  • Shop other MerchBoxes with themes that fit your virtual event! For instance, the TLC Wellness MerchBox would be a good fit for events in the health or wellness field. The Game Night MerchBox, on the other hand, strikes a lighter tone for trade shows focused on fun and entertainment. 
Customized Zippity Zusa MerchBoxCustomized Speedy Essentials MerchBox


More Corporate Gift Set Options

In addition to our curated boxes, there are plenty of gift sets available among the hundreds of products that Merchology offers. Here are a couple of options:

  • Branded Leeman Tan Tuscany Journal and Tumbler Gift Set -  Consider choosing custom gift sets that help attendees get ready for your virtual event. This set includes a soft, faux-leather journal for note-taking and an insulated stainless steel tumbler so they can keep water or coffee handy. Both the journal and the faux-leather sleeve on the tumbler are debossed with your logo. The items come in a gift box, which can also be customized. 

Contact us!

You have your hands full creating a top-notch virtual event or booth, so let us take care of sending out your custom MerchBoxes and gift sets! Contact a Merchologist for help with ordering, shipping, and customizing logo-branded gifts for your next online tradeshow.