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Event Planning Resource Guide

From small, local businesses to large international corporations; every company around the world eventually needs one thing: a great party! Planning a company party and hosting a corporate event can bring your coworkers and managers together for a few hours of fun to strengthen your team bond. But while office parties are generally a great time for everyone in the company, it can become a truly stressful experience when you are the one that has to make it happen!

Whether you're a professional Event Planner with tons of celebrations under your belt, an HR Manager or Office Administrator who has thrown a well-remembered soirée or two, or a Marketing Coordinator who's in this position for the first time; Merchology has got your back! This corporate event planning resource page is here to help you feel in control of the company office party from set up to cool down.

So, if you've been wondering: How do I plan a company Christmas party? How to throw a party for coworkers? Where to host a work holiday event? What corporate gifts do coworkers want? Office party venues?! What do you do at company parties?! You've come to the right place!

Here at Merchology we'll be creating and compiling company event planning resources to help everyone have a great time at the company get-together, including you, the planner! Read on below to find some office party ideas and activities, branded swag ideas for some amazing gifts, virtual office party options, and more.

 Plan out the coolest company parties for you and your team this year

Office Party Ideas

So, you're planning an office party; now what?! We've created these fun tips and guides on how to host a fantastic work function that coworkers will talk about for years. Specially chosen to entertain employees, bring departments closer together, and create a more cohesive workspace; these buzzing office party ideas will help you find a company theme party or decoration that can get everyone excited!

Read below to find the perfect corporate soirée situation for your work team today!

  • 7 Spring Company Event Ideas - As the sun slowly starts warming us up again, it is the perfect time to plan a company spring event to shake off that winter sluggishness!
  • Plan an Office Eco-Challenge Party - Encourage your teammates to strive to be more environmentally active and celebrate your successes with a company eco-challenge.
  • Top 10 Outdoor Company Events for Fall - Slip on your fluffy sweaters and wrap yourself up in your scarves, the crispy days of autumn are wonderful for a corporate outdoor gathering.

Office Party Activities

Now with everyone from Operations and Production to Sales and Marketing together, what will you all do? Having a handful of office party games and corporate event group activities at the ready can prevent anyone from feeling awkward or becoming a wallflower. Good-natured, connecting, and ice-breaking; work party activities bring out the most interactive side of anyone including the most introverted of employees.

With awesome company event activities ideal for both small groups and large departments, read through some of the office party activities below to find the right fit for your group.

  • Top 5 Low-Cost Team-Building Activities - Looking to boost employee morale, introduce new employees to the team, and not make a huge dent in the wallet? Check out these budget-friendly team-building options that you can pull off this week!
  • Guide to Planning a Corporate 5K Race - Bring your team together by doing something for the greater good like a company-wide 5K event.
  • How to Plan a Company Golf Event - Take your fun out on the links with corporate golf events to raise funds for a charity or organization while relaxing for the afternoon.

Corporate Event Swag

Everyone's favorite part of holiday company parties and work get-togethers alike; some sweet free swag! Whether it's the work Christmas party, a corporate springtime refresh, or a special company anniversary, the best way to raise spirits all at once is some company-branded merch that makes team members truly look like a team.

Choose from corporate sweatshirts and jackets, cool company-branded hats and water bottles, or even unique items like logo branded camping chairs and mini garden kits. The options for custom company gifts are endless and endlessly exciting! Read through some swag lists below and find your perfect present!

Make sure your next company event goes off without a hitch with company party planning resources from Merchology!

Professional Event Planning Resources

Even though office parties and corporate events are mostly fun and games, there is a great deal of planning and logistics behind the scenes for every good time. From figuring out the headcount and ensuring there's enough food and punch for everyone, the professional event planning resources below will help you remember the details you need to for a fun work event plan.

Read through the event planner resources we've compiled and created here to design, plan, and pull off the coolest company party of all time!

Virtual Office Party Ideas

Whether looking for COVID-friendly office party ideas or simply planning a company party for a remote or hybrid team of employees; plan out an online company get-together that everyone can enjoy! Learning how to have a socially distanced office party or how to throw a virtual company event can be easy with these tips and guides below.

Physical Resources & Venue Planning

Figure out where to have your corporate event and how best to set up your space for an easy-to-navigate party. Lots of logistics and strategies are put into an outstanding company party, make sure that all the details are accounted for with these helpful lists below. 

  • Guide to Planning a Summer Company Event - The sun is high and the days are long, it's a glorious time for a corporate summer party! Learn more about the detailed planning steps you'll need for a wonderful company summer bash.
  • How to Plan a Company Holiday Party in 10 Steps - Deck the halls, it's time to celebrate! When the winter holidays roll around, get your teammates together to reminisce over the past year and look ahead to the future.


From setting up to cleaning the party down, get your corporate event planning resources here for a great time!