Help Your Office Go Low on Waste


How to Help Your Office Go Low Waste

How to Go Low Waste In the Office

Slowly but surely, our culture is moving toward sustainable practices. Science has made it clear that climate change will have tremendous negative effects on our world if we don’t work to neutralize our climate footprints. We also know that halting climate change in its tracks will take heavy lifting from all of us. 

If we only live sustainably at home, we’re losing out on 40 hours a week where we could be making a huge difference in the world. Implementing environmentally friendly practices in the office helps employees continue the sustainable practices they’re already doing at home and to create lasting habits. One of the most effective things you can do as a company is to reduce office waste

Reasons to Go Low Waste

What are the benefits of reducing waste in business? There are so many possible changes to make to build a sustainable office environment. Here are some reasons why going low on waste at work is a great move for your company:

  • It’s relatively simple to incorporate into office life. Going low waste requires little to no new equipment for your office, that is unless you want to invest in recycling or compost bins. 
  • It reduces the cost of supplies, including packaging and paper.
  • You can meet customers’ desire to support an environmentally friendly, low-waste business.
  • Your company can save on waste disposal fees.
  • It’s good for the planet! Less plastic coming from your office means less plastic in the ocean. That’s a win!

Our Favorite Reusable Products

Perhaps the best way to go low waste is to invest in reusable products rather than purchasing disposable ones every time. At Merchology, we put together a list of our favorite reusable products to gift to your team! With your logo added, these sustainable gifts will help you and your team members go low waste and promote brand recognition wherever you go. Show the world you care about sustainability with custom reusable products!

Custom Logo Reusable Water Bottle: S'well Bottle 17 oz

By gifting your team with a custom logo reusable water bottle they can use at the office, you’re eliminating countless plastic water bottles each year. The custom S’well Bottle 17 oz is a lightweight, easy-to-tote water bottle available in 12 different colors to choose from! With your company’s logo, the custom S’well 17 oz Bottle makes a great employee appreciation or trade show giveaway gift!

S'well Moonstone Bottle 17 oz

Branded Reusable Coffee Cup: S'well Tumbler 24 oz

Get rid of the need for disposable paper or styrofoam coffee cups and plastic lids at your office with the branded S’well 24 oz Tumbler! This insulated custom tumbler is really the best of both worlds: it can be used for hot and iced coffee, as it comes with a reusable straw! It will keep beverages hot or cold for hours, unlike flimsy single-use cups. We’ll add your company’s logo, and this custom S’well Tumbler will make a memorable holiday gift for the coffee and tea lovers at your office!

S'well Onyx Tumbler 24 oz

Reusable Straws: S'well Stainless Steel Straw Set

The S’well Stainless Steel Straw Set has everything you need to cut out single-use straws for good. It comes with four stainless steel straws with Flexi necks and a cleaning brush so you don’t have to worry about the unpleasant buildup. Your favorite iced beverages will taste even better with these stainless steel straws. And, they pair perfectly with a reusable coffee cup!

S'well Stainless Steel Straw Set

Custom Reusable Plastic Bag: Leed's Clear Reusable Food Storage Bag

When you pack a plastic baggie for your sandwich, veggies, almonds, and chips every day, it adds up quickly. The custom Leed’s Clear Reusable Food Storage Bag serves exactly the same purpose, but it doesn’t pile up in the garbage at the end of the day! Plus, we’ll add your company logo! These reusable food storage bags with your company logo make awesome sustainable gifts that will help your team members reduce plastic use!

Leed's Clear Reusable Food Storage Bag

Logo-Branded Reusable Lunch Bag: YETI Daytrip Lunch Bag

With the logo-branded YETI Daytrip Lunch Bag, you’ll never have to brown-bag your lunch again! It has a Magnetic Thermo Snap closure and adjustable sliding closing hooks which make it easy to tote and hassle-free. It’s lightweight but insulated so your food will be temperature-controlled all day. We’ll add your company’s logo to this custom lunch bag, and it will be great for company picnics or outdoor corporate events!

YETI Daytrip Lunch Bag

Custom Food Containers: Gemline White Satsuma Bento Lunch Box

Complete your meal prepping routine with reusable food containers. The Custom Gemline White Satsuma Bento Lunch Box is a multi-compartment box to keep your lunch organized and your meals balanced! The sustainable bamboo lid also serves as a cutting board! We’ll add your logo to the lid, and the custom Gemline White Satsuma Bento Lunch Box is a great way to help your team members eat healthy lunches and cut out plastic waste!

Gemline White Satsuma Bento Lunch Box

Branded Reusable Mini Towels: Primeline Cooling Towel in Carabiner Case

When it comes down to it, you’re probably using more paper towels than you need to. For smaller spills and quickly wiping off your hands, a custom reusable towel is much better for the environment. Never use an unnecessary paper towel again with the branded Primeline Cooling Towel in Carabiner Case! It comes in a convenient case with a carabiner hook so that you can clip it to your bag and take it wherever you go. These branded reusable towels with your logo on the case make perfect giveaway items!

Primeline Cooling Towel in Carabiner Case

Reusable Tote Bags: Liberty Bags Natural Susan Canvas Tote

If there’s one thing we could all cut out of our lives, it’s single-use plastic grocery bags. The Liberty Bags Natural Susan Canvas Tote is here to save the day! Custom tote bags make lunch-break snack trips, company picnics, and business travel. We’ll embroider your company logo, and these make great employee gifts because let’s face it, everyone needs groceries.


Liberty Bags Natural Susan Canvas Tote

Customized Catch-All Reusable Bag: RuMe Aspen Baggie All

The custom RuMe Aspen Baggie All makes a perfect catch-all bag for anything you need to travel, store at the office, or keep in your car. With three separate zipper compartments, you won’t need small single-use bags or containers to keep little things organized! With your logo added, these bags make super convenient toiletry, makeup, or first-aid kit bags. Reuse and refill them with whatever you need!


RuMe Aspen Baggie All

Branded Reusable Soap Dispenser: Gemline Hands-Free Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser

Swap out your plastic bathroom soap dispensers and desk hand sanitizer bottles with the branded Gemline Hands-Free Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser in your office! Soap and sanitizer refills reduce the use of plastic, and these reusable Gemline dispensers are great for business trips as well! We’ll add your company’s logo front and center, and your brand will be associated with low-waste hygiene products!

Gemline Hands-Free Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser

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