How Does My Logo Make It on My Merch

How Does My Logo Make It On My Merch

How Do I Brand My Company's Merchandise?

As new businesses join the market each year, the question of branding becomes more important all the time. It’s crucial to make your company stand out because your brand has something unique to offer the world! At Merchology, it’s our job to give your brand a competitive edge.

If you’re considering whether to it’s worth it to invest in branded merchandise for your company, you’re not alone. It can seem like digital strategy is the only way to dominate your company’s market, but we’re here to tell you that investing in branded merch is another creative marketing avenue that can provide real returns for your business. Branded merchandise creates client relationships, generates leads, boosts employee morale, and builds brand recognition, to name a few benefits. It’s well worth the investment for your company. We’re here at Merchology to help you get started!

How to Put My Logo on Products

Professionally-made branded merch is the way to go. Companies with years of experience crafting custom products know how to make your logo come to life. You select the products you want to be branded, give them your logo and info, and they’ll do the rest!


Logo-Branded Champion Hats

How Do I Send My Logo to Promotional Product Manufacturers?

All that is needed for manufacturers to bring your logo to life is a digital logo file. Decoration machines such as embroidery machines, screen printers, embossing machines, and laser engraving machines will read the digital file and decorate your merch with real-life artwork!

Which types of digital files do promotional product companies use? The good news is that product decorators can accept a wide variety of file types because they have the capability to digitize just about any file type for their machines. What’s important is that you provide a high-resolution artwork file of your logo, which could be a JPEG, PDF, EPS, PNG, or AI file. Most Adobe files work well. High-resolution files are important because they’re more detailed and easier to resize if necessary. 

When you have a high-resolution artwork file of your logo, you’ll either be able to upload it onto the promotional product company’s website or send the file to your sales or customer service contact!

Can I See a Mockup of My Merch Before Ordering?

Typically, yes, you can! Most promotional product websites will allow you to see a mockup of your logo on the custom products you’re shopping so you can get an idea of what your merch will actually look like. This also gives you a better idea of what size you want your logo to be and which colors you want to use. 

Some companies even offer free samples, so you can see a prototype of your custom apparel or gifts before you order a large quantity!


Merchology's Logo Mock-Up Tool

How Does My Logo Make it On My Merch?

With your custom products selected and your logo in hand, the experts behind the machine do the rest! They’ll use the machine for the decoration method of your choice to digitize your logo and oversee the decoration process while technology gets to work. 

How Does Logo Decoration Work at Merchology?

At Merchology, we’ve spent years developing a simple, streamlined process for creating logo-branded apparel and gifts. We want to make things as hassle-free as possible for you and your team, and we’re constantly creating new tools and processes so you can find the Merch Solution that works for you! Here is an overview of our merch creation process:

1. Select Your Merch

Browse our site to find the apparel and gifts that work best for your team! Merchology partners with over 300 leading retail brands, including Under Armour, The North Face, Nike, Carhartt, S’well, YETI, and many more. With countless options, you’re sure to find the corporate apparel and company gifts your team members, clients, and business partners will love!

2. Upload Your Company Logo or Design

When you’ve chosen your custom products on our site, you’ll upload an artwork file of your company’s logo or the design you’d like us to bring to life. From your computer, upload a JPEG, PDF, EPS, PNG, or AI file (these are best, but we’ve seen it all, and we can make just about any file type work!). 

3. Place Your Order

With your file uploaded, you can add your custom merch to your cart. At Merchology, we offer MerchPerks, so you can choose rewards based on how much you spend! If your order is over $500, you’ll automatically get to choose a gift!


MerchPerks at Merchology

4. Approve Your Digital Proof

When your order is placed, we’ll send you a mockup of your customized products so you can approve them.

5. Your Merch is Customized

From this point forward, we’ve got you! Our decoration experts will apply your logo to your custom products based on the custom decoration method your merch requires. At Merchology, we take the quality of your merch seriously—every single item you order is hand-checked by our Quality Control department! No matter how large your order is, you can trust that every single custom product you receive is of the highest quality.

6. Your Order is Shipped to Your Door

You can track your order every step of the way with our Merch Tracker! Your order will arrive at your home or business, and you’ll have quality merch in your hands! To have your orders shipped faster, you can use our rush order program. We also have a Quick Ship Collection for you to shop, which contains custom products that we can decorate and ship to you fast.

At Merchology, we’ve had quite a few merch success stories. We work with brands like Amazon, Dell, General Mills, and Samsung to find the perfect customized apparel and gifts. Check out these Merchology Customer Case Studies to see how other companies added their logo to amazing custom merch!


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