How Long Does it Take Ember to Charge

How Long Does it Take Ember to Charge

How Long Does it Take to Charge My Ember Mug?

If you’re someone who loves sipping from a mug but hates lukewarm coffee, Ember has the perfect custom mug for you! Or maybe you’re not a hot beverage drinker, but you need a gift for the coffee or tea lover in your life—custom Ember Mugs are the gifts that keep on giving! But what is an Ember Mug, exactly, and how does it work? We have the answers to all of the most common Ember Mug questions!

What are Ember Mugs?

Put simply, Ember Mugs are self-heating mugs! Using the app, you can set the temperature of your custom Ember Mug, and it will remain at that temperature while you finish your entire hot beverage. The Ember Mug’s smart sensors measure the temperature of the beverage inside and adjust accordingly. All you need to do is download the Ember app and adjust the temperature of your custom Ember Mug, and the mug itself does the rest! The app remembers your Ember products and stays connected. 

To recharge, just set your logo-branded Ember Mug on its charging coaster! The charging coaster looks like a normal coffee saucer, matched to the color of your custom Ember mug. All you have to do is set down your mug like you would set a normal mug on a saucer, and it charges for you! The Charging coaster itself comes with a DC charging chord that plugs into a wall socket. 

The Ember Mug is smart, too—it can sense when you fill it up! There are four smart sensors within the Ember Mug’s walls, and when it doesn’t sense a liquid, the mug turns off on its own. It also remembers the last temperature you set it to, so you only need to adjust it when you want a different temperature!

How Long Does it Take to Charge My Ember Mug?

Rechargeable items are great, except for when you forget to charge them. But don’t worry, the custom Ember Mug charges in just two hours! After your morning coffee, simply set it back on its coaster, and it will be ready in time for an afternoon tea or an evening decaf. Charge overnight, and it’s ready by the morning!

How Long Does an Ember Charge Last?

Are you a slow sipper when it comes to your favorite beverage? Not to worry—the Ember Mug’s charge lasts approximately three hours when you’re not using the charging coaster. Plenty of time to get in your morning caffeine!

Do Ember mugs work while charging?

Need your beverage to stay warm longer? Not a problem. You can set your logo-branded Ember Mug’s temperature and sip as it charges on the charging coaster! Keep your charging coaster plugged in at your desk (at home or in the office). Then you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to charge before your next coffee fix! If you work a hybrid schedule and split your workdays between home and the office, the Ember Mug and charging coaster are easy to pack up and take with you. Throw them in your work tote or backpack, and you’ll have your beverages at the perfect temperature wherever you go!

Shop Popular Custom Ember Mugs for Your Team!

Are you looking for a custom corporate gift for your team during the holiday season? Do you want to show your employee appreciation to team members working from home? The custom Ember Mug is the perfect simple corporate gift for you. Everybody loves a good mug, but a self-heating, rechargeable mug is even better!

Custom Ember White Mug 10 oz.

The classic, clean look of the custom Ember White Mug makes a gift that will look good on everyone’s desk or coffee table! Your company’s logo will look sophisticated on this sleek white mug. It’s also available in black!

Custom Ember White Mug 10 oz 

Logo-Branded Ember Black Travel Mug

Are you and your team members on the road frequently? Gift them the logo-branded Ember Black Travel Mug so their beverages can stay warm whether they’re heading to a job site, an industry conference,  tradeshow, corporate trip, or just commuting! The Ember Travel Mug also comes with a charging coaster, and the travel mug also holds a charge for three hours. Add your logo to showcase your brand wherever you travel!


Logo-branded Ember Black Travel Mug

Ember Copper Mug 10 oz

Looking for smart drinkware that makes a statement? The Ember Copper Mug has a classy metallic finish that feels like luxury. This metallic style also comes in gold, rose gold, and stainless steel. With the charging coaster included, you’ll be able to enjoy your hot beverage for hours with this sophisticated smart mug. Like all custom Ember Mugs, the Metallic collection is handwash-safe. Your logo will pop against this shining finish!

Custom Ember Copper Mug 10 oz

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