How Much to Get Custom Embroidered Vests Made?

How Much to Get Custom Embroidered Vests Made

How Much to Get Custom Embroidered Vests Made?

Embroidered, custom logo vests featuring your corporate branding are a sure way to set your employees apart and advertise your brand at the same time. Whether you need custom reflective safety vests for your outdoor workers or warm layering vests for the winter months, we’ve got your team covered. Corporate vests are a smart investment that help to showcase your company and make your team members instantly recognizable. 

Logo-branded corporate work vests are trendy, long-lasting, and versatile. They can warm your team members up in cool weather, or serve as an extra indoor layer if needed. Either way, they’re both fashionable and functional, and they come in a variety of colors, styles, and prices. With fall and winter on the way, now is the time to consider your options. 

Interested in getting custom logo vests made for your team? Maybe you’ve decided to leap, but you’d like to know how much it costs. Don’t worry--we’ll walk you through the process and give you a good ballpark idea of what you need to budget to make custom embroidered vests a reality for your employees. Let’s get right into it. 


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How Much Do Custom Embroidered Vests Cost? 

Corporate branded vests from Merchology range from $11 to $200 each. Price per vest is influenced by many different factors, including the vest’s purpose, brand, and the materials it’s made of. For example, temp-controlled down-filled vests are going to cost more than reflective yellow safety vests for road workers.

Once you’ve decided what kinds of logo-branded vests and layers you want to order for your employees, you’ll need to look at the per-item pricing on the product page. The good news is, the logo and artwork setup are included in the price! That means you won’t get hit with hidden, unexpected costs when ordering. 

Types of Custom Logo Vests to Choose From

At Merchology, we have an excellent selection of corporate work vests that serve various needs. Let’s take a look.

Corporate Logo Puffy Vests

Puffy vests are just right for warming up during the chilly months of fall and winter. They’re lightweight but cozy, and often work well as logo-branded business casual vests in the workplace. For example, the custom The North Face Women's Black Thermoball Trekker Vest is an insulated, multipurpose puffy vest that’s lightweight--not bulky. And because it’s made of durable nylon, it resists tears and rips. 

The corporate Patagonia Men's Forge Grey Nano Puff Vest is insulated with 100% recyclable polyester. Lightweight and easy to pack, these corporate work vests are great for travel--so if your employees are headed out for a conference or a business trip in a cooler climate, they can pack an extra layer with ease. They’re water-resistant and look snappy over a button-down shirt. 


Custom The North Face Women's Black Thermoball Trekker VestCorporate Patagonia Men's Forge Grey Nano Puff Vest

Custom Fleece Vests

Custom fleece vests are soft and comfortable, and they’re perfect for branding with your custom corporate logo. If you’re looking for a denser, slightly heavier material for your logo-branded vests and layers, then fleece may be just what you’re looking for. The branded Zusa Women's Light Grey Heather Midtown Fleece Vest, for example, is comfortable, made from sustainable fabric, and can be dressed up or down.

Alternatively, the corporate Columbia Men's Black Steens Mountain Fleece Vest is a versatile, lightweight fleece vest that’s appropriate for cool weather. With a relaxed fit, stylish design, and zipper pockets, these custom logo vests have all the essentials. If you’re looking for both function and style, this is a solid pick. 


Embroidered Zusa Women's Light Grey Heather Midtown Fleece VestCustom Columbia Men's Black Steens Mountain Fleece Vest

Logo-Branded Workwear Vests 

Custom workwear vests serve multiple purposes on the job. Sometimes, you want warmth and durability. In that case, the company logo Carhartt Men's Black Duck Vest has what you need. Lined with quilted insulation, this classic work vest keeps your team dry and warm in the elements. There’s plenty of room for your logo, too. On the other hand, if you need a reflective safety vest to keep your workers visible outdoors, a logo-branded vest like the custom OccuNomix Women's Orange High Visibility Classic Mesh Standard Safety Vest may be what you want. 

Custom Carhartt Men's Black Duck VestCustom OccuNomix Women's Orange High Visibility Classic Mesh Standard Safety Vest

Industries Perfect for Branded Corporate Vests

Wondering what industries might benefit from corporate work vests? Here are a few possibilities; 

  • Nature-centric companies such as landscapers, arborists, and nurseries
  • Construction and roadwork crews 
  • Corporate office teams 
  • Resorts and hotels  
  • Lumberyards and home improvement centers 

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