Merchology's 2020 Environmental Impact Report

Sustainability and purpose have always been at the forefront of how we aim to do business. Since joining forces with the 1% for the Planet organization back in 2017, we've drastically increased our efforts to be kinder to the planet and influence other companies to go green. Although we do strive to offer the highest quality and longest lasting products, we believe that isn't enough. We have made many changes over the years, some small and some big, to reduce our footprint and increase our sustainability. 

It's no secret that 2020 was a challenging year. Despite the obstacles, Merchology emerged as an even stronger force in the industry, as we were able to adjust our sails and pivot quickly to cater to our customers' needs. Despite the challenges that were faced, 2020 included many environmental wins.

A few highlights of our 2020 efforts include:

  • Became certified as a Nevada Green Business Network member, reaching a certification of Tier 3 Innovator – the first company in Nevada to achieve this designation for Small Business Manufacturing!
  • Donated $55,000 to three environmental non-profits through our 1% For the Planet membership
  • Planted 2,347 trees via our brand partner Woodchuck – they planted one tree for every Woodchuck product sold by Merchology in 2020
  • Recycled over 40,000 pounds of cardboard per month in our operations (from products received from our suppliers)
  • Shipped over 90,000 packages in International Paper cardboard boxes, which are made from recycled corrugated fiberboard, which is the most widely recovered packaging material in the world! That means each box is 100% renewable, recyclable, and meets the Sustainable Forestry Initiative regulations for certified sourcing
  • Volunteered 99 hours collectively at our 1% For the Planet partner organizations
  • Repurposed over 2M recycled water bottles to date through the Zusa brand, since its launch in late 2019

From small changes, such as switching out lightbulbs, to big changes, like launching an entire brand Zusa, Merchology is making a difference. However, our mission of influencing businesses to make similar changes has only just begun.


Click here to read the full Merchology 2020 Environmental Impact Report

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