Mix and Match Winter Wardrobe Ideas

Mix-and-Match Winter Workwear Ideas

Custom Mix and Match Gifts Your Team

As temperatures drop, many of us are beginning to head to the basement or dig in the backs of our closets for our long-abandoned winter clothes. We’ll haul out our beanies, mittens, and jackets from last year, which can be a bittersweet feeling. Now, we have a lot more pieces of our wardrobes to coordinate—we’re beginning to throw hats, gloves, jackets, and scarves into the mix with our everyday clothing. It can quickly start to feel like you’re showing up to work looking like a pile of mismatched laundry. At Merchology, we want to help your crew feel put together even when they’re layering up! The solution: mix and match winter workwear items!

Custom winter gear makes for a great employee gift that everyone actually needs. If you’re looking for company holiday gifts for your employees that will let them feel individualized while at the same time looking uniform, mix-and-match pairs can make things simple. Whether your team members want to match their winter gear or mix it up, they’ll not only have coordinated outfits themselves, but they’ll be coordinated with their team members as well!                                  

For companies like ski lodges, cabin resorts, and outdoor maintenance, mix-and-match jackets and hats can help customers identify your staff while still allowing your staff members to choose the pieces that best match their personal wardrobes. With your company’s logo, you’ve got easily recognizable, brand-building custom workwear that will last from winter to winter!

We’ve put together a collection of mix-and-match winter workwear items that pair naturally with one another. Choose one color for everyone, gift in coordinated pairs, or mix it up! If you want your employees to be able to choose the colors they want from a group of products that you’ve selected, check out our MerchStore and Group Order Tool options! They’ll allow you to choose the products you want your employees to receive while still allowing them the freedom to pick their preferred colors and sizes!

Custom Carhartt Beanies and Hoodies

Carhartt’s range of color options is both broad and distinctive, making it perfect for a mix-and-match winter wardrobe. The custom Carhartt Men’s Midweight Hooded Sweatshirt is available in Black, NavyBrown, Cardinal, Charcoal, Green, Grey, Carbon Heather, Superior Blue, and Sour Apple. This corporate Carhartt Hoody is a great layering piece that offers warmth without being too bulky under outerwear. The Embroidered Carhartt Watch Cap comes in Black, Black/White, Brown, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Lime, Navy, and Orange. The thick ribbed knit material makes this custom Carhartt beanie as warm as it is iconic.

Available in four different color sets (Black, Charcoal, Cream, and Navy), the debossed Leeman Ribbed Knit Winter Duo is a natural mix-and-match corporate gift option. Give everyone the same color set, choose one hat color and a different scarf color, completely mix and match, or choose one color for everything! The custom classic fur pom pom beanie and knit scarf styles aren’t going out of style anytime soon, so you know this custom hat and scarf set will last your team year after year!


 Debossed Leeman Black Ribbed Knit Winter Duo Debossed Leeman Grey Ribbed Knit Winter Duo
Debossed Patch Leeman Cream Ribbed Knit Winter Duo Debossed Patch Leeman Navy Ribbed Knit Winter Duo

Embroidered Roots 73 Mitts and Scarves

The embroidered Roots 73 Hemlock Knit Mitts and custom Branchbay Knit Scarf are an iconic duo that will make your team members stand out. Both items come in Cobalt, Black, or Red. Both the corporate Roots 73 Mitts and Knit Scarves have a grey stripe detail that makes them the perfect match for each other! Help your team create mix-and-match outfits for winter business travel that will catch the eyes of potential customers and build brand recognition wherever they go. Let your employees choose their favorite colors or surprise everyone with unique pairs!

 Custom Roots73 Dark Red/Quarry Hemlock Knit Mitts Custom Roots73 Cobalt/Quarry Branchbay Knit Scarf
Custom Roots73 Cobalt/Quarry Hemlock Knit Mitts Custom Roots73 Dark Red/Quarry Branchbay Knit Scarf

Custom Duluth Men’s Longtail T Long Sleeve T-Shirts and Duluth Button Ups

Not only do your team members need solid custom outerwear layers, but they also need high-quality custom base layers to ensure maximum warmth and comfort. That’s where custom Duluth corporate apparel comes in. Created to withstand Midwest winters, Duluth custom apparel will keep your employees comfortable no matter the weather. By pairing custom Duluth Men’s Longtail Tees with the custom Duluth flannels and plaid shirts of your choice, you’ll give your team the basics they need to start their own winter capsule wardrobes for work!

 Custom Duluth Men's Black Longtail T Long Sleeve T-Shirt with Pocket Custom Duluth Men's Dark Grey Heather Plaid Free Swingin' Flannel Relaxed Fit Shirt
Custom Duluth Men's Box Car Red Free Swingin' Flannel Relaxed Fit Shirt Cusotm Duluth Men's Navy Longtail T Long Sleeve T-Shirt with Pocket

How Can I Let My Employees Choose Their Own Gifts?

Want your team members to select their mix-and-match color options? The MerchStore or Group Order Tool might be right for you! The MerchStore tool allows you to create a customized company storefront filled with products you’ve selected that your team can shop from! The Group Order Tool allows your team members to choose their gifts and enter their own contact information. To learn more about the differences between the MerchStore and the Group Order Tool, check out this guide to see which one might be right for you!

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