Corporate Gift Shopping with Purpose in 2023

A sustainable corporate tote bag and a eco-friendly company gift against a white background with the title Shopping with Purpose

Social Responsibility + Corporate Gifts 2023

Purposeful shopping is the practice of being mindful of your consumption by spending your money on sustainable, eco-friendly products. But what does sustainability have to do with corporate gifting? It’s no secret that waste is a huge part of the environment so consumers, both corporate and personal, have to be mindful of the products we buy.

Taking care of the planet is more important than ever and here at Merchology, we believe it’s our responsibility to help make the world a better and healthier place. As consumers, one of the ways we can contribute towards a better world is by shopping with purpose and taking the time to carefully consider our buying options. It’s a great and hands-on way for individuals to contribute to helping the planet while supporting causes they care about.

But how can you participate in purposeful corporate shopping? Well, one of the easiest ways is to shop for sustainable and eco-friendly corporate gift options when planning your next corporate event, company holiday party, or industry event merch. Learn more about how Merchology is focusing on sustainability and giving back to the planet for a clearer conscious and happier Earth.

Sustainability & Corporate Merch

Sometimes more stuff equals more waste but at Merchology we have an extensive Sustainability collection that is full of thoughtful corporate gifts that won’t hurt the planet’s ecosystem. These eco-friendly corporate gift items are made with the planet’s best interest in mind. But wait, what does Sustainability even mean?

Well, sustainable corporate gifts are made from:

  • Recycled Materials such as plastic water bottles, recycled fabric, unused textiles, and fishing nets to name a few
  • Sustainably-Produced Materials such as hemp or bamboo
  • Recyclable Materials, or products made out of materials that can be recycled in the future

If you’re looking for sustainable gift ideas for your company, browse through our custom Zusa brand! Our Zusa line consists of high-quality clothing and backpacks made specifically from recycled materials. One of our most popular items is this custom Zusa Black Heather Daytripper Backpack, which is made using 17 recycled water bottles! This corporate work backpack is the perfect product for both work and play as it features plenty of pockets for your laptop, shoes, and water bottles. Zusa is so committed to recycling that over 1.5 million plastic bottles have been recycled into corporate sustainable products! Turning one of the most harmful waste products into high-quality, recyclable apparel, talk about eco-friendly!

Custom organic t-shirts, sustainable company tote bags, and locally made treats make great corporate gifts

Fair Labor and Trade in Corporate Apparel

Sustainability isn’t just in the products you make, it can also be applied to how you produce and ship them! Merchology refuses to do business with companies that practice overseas labor exploitation and 100% of our product customization is done in the United States, often in our own facilities! Investing in your community is a tenet of purposeful and thoughtful shopping.

We also practice sustainable shipping processes to ensure that waste is minimal, recyclable, and worthy of promoting your brand. Merchology is partnered with EcoEnclose and International Paper to make sure that all our poly mailer bags and shipping boxes are 100% recycled and recyclable. Merchology’s reusable poly mailer bags are waterproof and tear-resistant so you can be sure your merchandise is protected while it makes its way to your employees and clients.

Outside of Zusa, Merchology works with some of the world’s most sustainable brands. Patagonia, S’well, and Parkland are only some of the incredibly popular brands with sustainable selections or apparel. For example, this logo-branded Adidas Women's Grey Three Textured Full-Zip Jacket is made of 100% recycled polyester spacer knit! This corporate Patagonia Men's Stonewash Better Sweater Vest is made of 100% recycled polyester fleece and is dyed with a low-impact process that uses significantly less water and energy. At Merchology, we have countless sustainable gift ideas for you and your company!

Company Experiences Over Items

The high-quality products at Merchology may last a long time but the memory of an exciting and new experience can last much longer! Scientific research has shown that people are happier when they spend their money and time on experiences over material objects. No matter how mindful we can be about purchasing sustainable items, there will inevitably be waste and wear. One of the ways to combat that is to not buy items at all but to purchase corporate experiences for your team to enjoy! An Old York Cellars Virtual Wine & Chocolate Tasting is an excellent thoughtful corporate gift for employees looking to expand their pallets by trying something new!

Another great idea is to organize a company outing. A company-wide hike on a beautiful day or a corporate picnic are perfect events to show off your team’s custom The North Face jackets or logo-branded Under Armour hats. With spring around the corner, a company 5K for charity could be a great idea to build camaraderie around the company while supporting a good cause! Being active, while building relationships, and also donating to charity? Talk about shopping with purpose!

Employee & Client Appreciation Section

Times have been rough since Covid-19 started and it’s important to let your employees know that you care and appreciate them. Thoughtful corporate gifts are one of the small ways to make your employees feel cared for and respected. Skip out on gifting standard office presents like gift cards, pens, or stress balls and provide your employee with something they’ll really use, day in and day out. Life has been hard for everyone and some people may be struggling more than they’re willing to show.

A thoughtful, intentional company gift can make a struggling employee feel like one of the family. Live in a rainy climate? Maybe provide them with a slick, logo-branded raincoat! Do they have pets? Owners love getting custom branded pet supplies for their furry friends! The more personal the gift the better and Merchology is here to assist you with all your 2023 corporate gift ideas.

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Shopping with purpose can seem a little overwhelming but Merchology is here to help you find sustainable gift ideas for your company. With a wide array of custom sustainable apparel, eco-friendly corporate gifts, and no-waste virtual events available; stay ahead on top of worldwide movements. Call a Merchologist today to find out how your company can help the planet while representing your favorite company: yours!