Sustainable Custom Logo Blankets


Sustainable Custom Logo Blankets

Eco-Friendly Embroidered Blankets

“Sustainability” is a word that comes up more and more in today’s marketplace. Whether shopping for themselves or buying logo-branded merch for their business, consumers are more likely than ever to think about how their purchases affect the planet. But great corporate gifts–like custom blankets–don’t have to be irresponsible; in fact, they can be sustainable and eco-friendly.

In this article, we’ll talk about why you should choose sustainable blankets for your custom corporate gifts, and we’ll show you the wide variety of logo-branded options available through Merchology.

Sustainable Corporate Shopping is Here to Stay

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. According to the Global Sustainability Study 2021, more and more consumers are choosing sustainable items when making their shopping choices. Over a third of consumers globally are even willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products. Additionally, it is younger generations who are leading the way in this change. That means the demand for sustainably-made products is likely to only grow over time. Companies can be part of this positive shift by making responsible choices when choosing their custom corporate gifts.

Types of Sustainably-Made Custom Blankets

There are several different features and certifications to look for when shopping for eco-friendly corporate blankets:


Recycled Materials


Why Gift Sustainable Custom Blankets?

Sustainable blankets are a great choice for custom corporate gifts because they are useful for everyone. While some logo-branded products might make their way to the trash bin, a warm, high-quality blanket is something anyone can enjoy. Whether the recipient is a couch potato or an adventurer, a good embroidered blanket is perfect for movie nights, picnics, or camping excursions.  

Because people will use them regularly, custom blankets also make for high-impact logo-branded merch. People will see your logo while making happy memories, meaning they will associate your brand with positive feelings.

Embroidered corporate blankets are already ideal for welcome packages for new hires, employee appreciation gifts, and giveaways at tradeshows. But when you choose a sustainably made option–like the types of custom sustainable blankets listed above–you are also showing recipients that your company shares their eco-conscious values.

Sustainable Custom Blankets from Merchology

Thankfully, Merchology has plenty of options for high-quality, eco-friendly blankets that you can customize for your corporate merch. Below are just a few suggestions to get you started!

Sustainable Zusa Blankets

As mentioned before, logo-embroidered Zusa blankets are made of recycled materials; specifically, they are manufactured out of plastic water bottles. The brand has reused over 6 million of these bottles, keeping them out of landfills and avoiding new petroleum production. 

  • The embroidered Zusa Plush Siesta Blanket is your new naptime buddy. You won’t believe how buttery soft plastic bottles can be!
  • The Zusa ZZZs is perfect for sherpa lovers. It is also extra-large (at 60”x70”), so two people can easily fit under it.
Embroidered Zusa White with Navy Plush Siesta BlanketEmbroidered Zusa Navy/Ivory Oversized Sherpa ZZZs Blanket

Leed's Recycled Materials Blankets

Match coziness with portability with the embroidered Leed's 100% Recycled PET Fleece Blanket with Canvas Pouch. Its soft fleece is made from recycled plastic, and its cotton canvas pouch features a cinch rope for easy carrying. This blanket is perfect for bringing to chilly ball games, outdoor concerts, and campfire nights. Your company logo is printed on the carrying pouch for maximum visibility.  

Embroidered Leed's Green 100% Recycled PET Fleece Blanket with Canvas Pouch

Slowtide Sustainably-Sourced Custom Blankets

  • Looking for something lighter than fleece and sherpa? The Slowtide Dylan Throw Blanket is a beautiful option, and it’s made of 100% sustainably sourced cotton. This Turkish blanket is large enough to fit a queen-sized bed or to fit the whole family during a day at the beach.

  • If you want a blanket that is super soft but rugged enough for outdoor fun, then the Slowtide Valen Camp Blanket is for you. Its top layer is made of polar fleece, but it is lined with a durable, water-repellent material on the other side. Whether on a picnic, at a music festival, or at the beach, this blanket will protect you from wet or hard ground. It is made of 100% recycled materials, and it features a fun southwestern design and a zippered pocket to stash your phone or keys.

Custom Slowtide Dylan Throw Blanket                 Logo-Branded Slowtide Valen-Multi Camp Blanket

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