Top 10 Custom Logo Portable Chargers

In a world that's increasingly reliant on smart phones and mobile electronic devices, custom portable chargers and power banks have never been more popular. That's exactly why custom logo portable chargers have become one of the hottest corporate gifts and promotional products over the past few years. But how do you know what chargers are high quality and which ones fall short? You can't go wrong with any charger on this list.

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1. Custom Insignia Portable Charger – 8,000 mAh

This high-powered custom portable charger packs quite a punch. It has dual USB charging ports, so it can charge two devices at once! Offering 8,000 mAh of power storage, you'll be able to fully charge your devices from empty to full while you're on the go too. Plus, there is a massive empty space that's perfect for a custom printed company logo like yours.

  • Top Quality: best for logo customization.

Insignia Black 8,000 mAh Portable Charger

2. Custom High Sierra Falcon Solar Power Bank – 10,000 mAh

This custom portable charger from High Sierra is the ultimate utility charger. Not only does it have an impressive 10,000 mAh power bank, it also comes complete with a wall charger, USB to micro-USB connector cable, flashlight, carabiner, and two charging ports. Oh, and let's not forget the best part... you can charge this power bank with SOLAR POWER! That makes it perfect for weekend getaways and camping trips.

  • Top Quality: solar powered.

High Sierra Black Falcon Solar 10,000 mAh Power Bank

3. Origaudio Tenfour Custom Power Bank – 10,400 mAh

This sleek custom power bank offers up 3 USB charging slots along with a super-charged USB-c port that charges your phone or device faster than a normal wall charger! Plus, these custom Origaudio chargers provide maximum freedom for design. You can literally put any image you want on these things!

  • Top Quality: most design freedom.

Origaudio Black Tenfour 10,400mAh Power Bank

4. Custom Leeds Portable Speaker & Charger – 1,200 mAh

While these custom portable phone chargers might not have the same battery power as other chargers on this list, they more than make up for it with some unique features. First of all, these Leeds chargers double as a portable speaker! Plus, they're made from real wood and can wirelessly charge your phone. All you have to do is set your iPhone on top of the speaker and it will start charging immediately.

  • Top Quality: built-in portable speaker.

Leed's Wood Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging Pad

5. Custom Leed’s UL Listed Fad Portable Charger – 5,000 mAh

Here's another awesome custom wireless charger from Leeds. This custom logo portable charger is slimmer for added portability and you can customize the entire surface area with your logo or custom design. Wireless charging is supported for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note, Nokia Lumia, Google Nexus, HTC Droid, and more. Traditional wired charging is also supported for other devices. 

  • Top Quality: best for wireless charging.

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6. Anker Custom PoweCore Speed – 10,0000 mAh

There might not be a brand more reputable in the world of portable chargers than Anker. This personalized portable charger is packed with technology including Anker's high speed charging technology that combines PowerIQ and VoltageBoost to provide the fastest charge possible.

  • Top Quality: fastest charging option.

Anker Black PowerCore Speed 10000mAh

7. Leeds Custom Universal Portable Charger – 10,000 mAh

No need to bring your own charging cords when you have this custom portable charger by Leeds. These portable chargers have wireless charging enabled for your smart phone AND feature build-in charging cables than tuck into the charger! They're as ready-to-use as it gets, making them ideal as promotional products for trade shows or corporate events.

  • Top Quality: built-in charging cords, most ready-to-use.

Leed's Black Swift Universal 10000 mAh Wireless Power Bank

8. Bullet Wireless Personalized Portable Charger – 3,000 mAh

These ultra-thin custom portable chargers are less than a third of an inch thick, making them the ultimate pocket chargers. Despite it's compact size, this custom Bullet portable charge can still wirelessly charge your devices from empty to full!

  • Top Quality: best pocket charger.

Bullet Black Phase 3,000 mAh Wireless Power Bank

9. Custom Jetline Phantom Mini Key Chain Charger – 1,000 mAh

If you're the type that always ends up with a dead phone when you're on the go, then this is the perfect portable charger for you. It's the most compact charger on this list and you can even hook it to your keychain so you never lose it! Plus, you'll get to show off your custom printed company logo wherever you go too!

  • Top Quality: most compact portable charger.

Jetline Silver Phantom Mini Charger Key Chain

10. MyCharge Custom Portable Charger – 16,000 mAh

Looking for the portable charger with the largest battery? Then this is the custom portable charger for you! This MyCharge charger features a massive 16,000 megahertz power bank that's ideal for longer trips when you'll need to charge your phone and other devices from empty to full multiple times. Sure, you sacrifice some portability for the bigger battery, but this thing is a beast.

  • Top Quality: largest battery life.

myCharge Space Grey RazorUltra 16,000 mAh Portable Charger


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