Top 10 Self Care and Wellness Merch for 2023

We all need to take a break sometimes, and make our self care a priority! As we settle into the new year and new routines, it's important to remember to set time aside to decompress. Gifting your employees with custom self care products shows them that you value their wellbeing, and that you support the ways they can take care of themselves. Self care and wellness can look a little different to each person, so we've created a well-rounded list of the top products your team can use. Whether your self care means taking a quick workout break, or it means lighting your favorite candle and closing your eyes, we have you covered!


1. Custom Blanket 

If there's one staple comfort item that everyone loves, it has to be blankets. Whether your recipient will accompany a custom blanket with a good book or a classic movie, they will for sure feel the love. A custom blanket is a great way to rep your brand outside of the office, and is an essential in every home.


2. Custom Loungewear

Although it may not be an item that will directly provide self-care, being in comfortable clothing goes a long way. If you and your employees are working from home, you are probably noticing that comfort is key. Custom loungewear for men and women can give your team a new favorite cozy essential, and can make sure that they feel comfort both on and off the clock.


3. Custom Candle

Lighting a candle can instantly make you feel a bit more relaxed. By creating a serene ambiance and exuding luxurious aromatherapy, a custom candle is basically a golden ticket to relaxation. Light a custom candle on your desk as you work from home and tackle your day's work, or save it for after work while you unwind with your favorite book. 

4. Custom Lotion

A useful product that is a great way to show off your logo is custom lotion. From small jars to larger gift sets, this product can either be an addition to a gift basket or given by itself. Your team will appreciate the addition to their daily routine, especially during the dry winter months! Custom lotions also make a great addition to any desk space, and are a unique way to rep your brand.



5. Custom Hand Sanitizer

As we continue to prioritize safety and cleanliness throughout our current pandemic, hand sanitizers are still an essential product. You can never have too many! Place a custom hand sanitizer in your car, your work bag, at your desk or even around your home. A custom hand sanitizer will never go unused!





6. Custom Journal

Journaling and making lists can be a great way to destress and remove some weight off your shoulders if you are feeling overwhelmed. If you need to prioritize the tasks on your plate, making a visual list of what you need to accomplish is a great start. Also, having a journal to make daily notes, both for work and your personal life, can help you remember ideas and act as a bank of your thoughts. This can result in feeling less stress about everything going on in your busy life! We even offer journals with coloring pages, and journals with inspirational cover quotes.


7. Custom Yoga Mat

A yoga mat can be used for more than just a yoga flow. A custom yoga mat is a great wellness essential for any physical activity. As home workouts are more popular than ever before, a quality yoga mat is a must-have. Whether you just need to take a quick stretching break, or you are going to attend a Zoom workout class, a custom yoga mat can elevate the experience!


8. Custom Bath Robe

A robe is the ultimate token of relaxation! Your team can rep your brand while enjoying a slow morning at home. A robe is the perfect cozy addition to your team's wardrobe, and is surely a self-care staple!


9. Custom Essential Oil

Essential oils create calming aromatherapy that can ease your mind and body. With a wide range of scents available, there's an essential oil for every goal. Offered in dropper bottles or roller bottles, you can either use your new custom essential oil in a diffuser or you can roll it right on your body for ultimate relaxation!


10. Custom Bath Accessories

If taking a bath to unwind and disconnect from the world is your favorite method of self care, why not take it to the next level with custom bath accessories? These items make perfect gifts for your employees, and will remind them to take some "me" time. 



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