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Top10 Trade Show Giveaways for Tech Companies

Popular Logo-Branded Trade Show Giveaway Items

Tech companies are essential to the world economy, developing new innovations and making life easier for the modern person. When there’s a complex problem that can be solved through technology, tech companies deliver solutions. The industry moves swiftly, developing new gadgets, softwares, and solutions as new issues arise.

Chances are, your tech company is aiming to stay on the leading edge of your niche--and if you want to get the attention of potential investors, customers, and corporate partners, you’ll need to attend tradeshows. Tech event gifts are one important way to get visitors to your booth. Swag giveaways and prize drawings are effective ways to get new eyes on your brand at your next tradeshow.

For example, you might want to have some logo-branded grab-bag items on hand that visitors can pick up when they stop by. But bigger, more expensive tech gifts work well as prize drawings, and they get more attention on your booth. Either way, you can get your company on the minds of tradeshow attendees by giving away items that feature your company’s branded logo. 

Want to know the best tech tradeshow giveaways for your next event? Let’s jump right into it.

1. Corporate Branded Tablets

Besides giving away small pieces of tech event swag, hosting enticing giveaways at your tradeshow booth will help draw new visitors and potential customers to your brand. If you have the budget for a higher-ticket giveaway, we recommend a corporate branded tablet like the Apple Gold iPad with Wi-Fi - 32 GB. This is a fantastic drawing prize that will attract plenty of guests to your booth, raising your brand awareness and getting them in touch with you if they’ve never heard of your company before.


Corporate Apple Gold iPad (Latest Model) with Wi-Fi - 32 GB


2. Corporate Logo Wireless Headphones

Logo-branded wireless headphones are sure to be a winning giveaway at your next tech tradeshow. When companies have tech tradeshow giveaways available, they’re more likely to draw visitors to their booths and gain staying power in potential customers’ minds. If you want to include earbuds as one of your giveaways, we love custom Leed's Essos True Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds. With more than two hours’ worth of playback and great performance, your visitors are sure to enjoy this swag.


Custom Leed's White Essos True Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds with Case

3. Logo-Branded Portable Speakers

Need a fun giveaway item for your tradeshow booth drawing? A branded Jetline Budget Wireless Speaker makes a great selection--because who doesn’t love music? This Bluetooth speaker has ample space for your corporate logo to keep your brand top-of-mind for the lucky winner. When it comes to corporate tech giveaways, it’s important to have gifts everyone will love, and a wireless speaker is a definite winner.

Logo-Branded Jetline White Budget Wireless Speaker

4. Custom Flash Drives

Custom logo-branded flash drives are a solid choice if you want a selection of inexpensive tech event gifts to give away at your next tradeshow. The logo-printed Leed's Red Rotate Flash Drive 16GB has plenty of storage space for important documents, which is convenient for professionals on the go. There’s plenty of space for you to add your corporate logo, and the flash drive comes in multiple color choices, too.

Logo-Printed Leed's Red Rotate Flash Drive 16GB

5. Logo-Branded USB Hubs

Help tech conference attendees out with a multi-device charger like the custom Origaudio HubbCity 5-Port USB Hub. These are excellent tech expo promotional products for small teams attending a tradeshow together, for instance. Add your corporate logo to this USB hub that can charge up to five devices, and your visitors will thank you!

Custom Origaudio Black HubbCity 5-Port USB Hub

6. Custom Power Banks 

Consider giving away a custom power bank like the laser-engraved Logomark Grey Epsilon Mobile Power Bank at your tradeshow booth. With its sleek aluminum finish and smartphone charging capabilities, the custom Epsilon power bank is the perfect size for a purse or pocket. That’s great for tech conference attendees, since it can sometimes be challenging to find a power outlet! If you give them the means to charge their devices while they’re on the move, they’ll definitely remember you (and having your logo on each power bank doesn’t hurt).

Laser-Engraved Logomark Grey Epsilon Mobile Power Bank

7. Logo-Branded Screen Cleaners

Custom screen cleaners are a must-have for every tech enthusiast, so why not add logo-branded screen cleaners to your tech event swag? The company logo K & R Blue Robotic Screen Cleaner sports your corporate logo while working hard to keep your visitors’ screens shiny and clean. It’s a high-efficiency, vibrating cleaner that uses a gentle microfiber cleaning pad to polish with no scratches.

Custom K & R Blue Robotic Screen Cleaner

8. Company Logo Fitness Trackers

Company logo fitness trackers can serve as fantastic custom tech conference gifts. Choose a fitness tracker like the custom Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch and add your logo via laser engraving for a booth contest giveaway your visitors will love. This Fitbit comes with small and large wristband options, heart rate and calorie trackers, exercise auto-recognition, more than 16 exercise modes, and more.


Corporate Branded Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch


9. Custom Laptop Bags

Custom, logo-branded laptop bags make excellent tech tradeshow giveaways. We particularly love the embroidered Moleskine Black Business Backpack. With plenty of compartments, pockets, and storage space, these backpacks fit laptops up to 15” and tablets up to 10”. Have your corporate logo embroidered on the bag for an extra branded touch.

Embroidered Moleskine Black Business Backpack

10. Logo-Embroidered Pullovers

Round out your corporate tech giveaways with a custom embroidered Influencer Pullover from Zusa, available in women’s and men’s sizes. This quarter-zip pullover is an awesome layering piece your team and customers alike will appreciate. Zusa’s comfortably stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric is also sustainable--each shirt is made from 36 recycled plastic bottles! Even better, get quick shipping on these beauties.


Custom Zusa 3 Day Men's Black Influencer Quarter Zip

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