Men's Custom Brooks Brothers Polo Shirts

Sharp, vivid, tasteful colors; perfectly-hemmed sleeves; stiff yet comfortable collars. Yep. These are the perfect polos, designed to accomplish exactly what polos were invented to accomplish—giving the sartorially thoughtful man a dressier alternative to the T-shirt. Brooks Brothers Men’s Polos come in all of the essential polo colors—from red and navy to black and white—but that only sparks your attention. What will hold your attention is the way these Pique Polos stay timeless. It’s not simply a matter of design, but fabric quality. These polos wear less than factory-bought polos, plain and simple. And that’s a very good bit of news, because these polos are made to be versatile. See if you can’t wear them out by taking them to the golf course, to the office, to that fourth of July picnic, to church, to baseball games, to dinner parties, to—well, you get the point: it’s a rare social event that doesn’t call for a finely-crafted polo.



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