Add Corporate Merch to your Company’s Social Media Plan

 Add Corporate Merch to Your Social Media Plan

Social Media Gifts with Your Logo

If you’ve been trying to grow your social media following to no avail, you’re not alone. As time goes on, more companies use social media as a primary tool for their marketing strategy. And it’s for good reason—social media popularity and usage are growing at lightning speed—even experts are constantly on their toes. Social media platforms are becoming more versatile marketing tools all the time. But when scrolling through your feed, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and even intimidated by the sheer number of brands vying for users’ attention. 

Don’t worry, because we at Merchology are here to help! Growing your social media audience is all about focusing on the why of your specific brand. What makes you unique is the story behind your company. You and your team have put in the work to build up your brand so that it meets the specific need you seek to fulfill. 

So how do you make your unique brand memorable? At Merchology, we have the solution: corporate swag social media gifts! Below, we’ll explain the benefits of branded social media gifts and what corporate swag can do for you and your brand! Whether it’s a flash sale or a custom social media giveaway, we have the logo-branded merch you need to get started!

Growing Your Social Media Audience

A social media giveaway is a great way to gain a quick influx of followers. All you need is a logo-branded social media gift and the rules for entering! Your followers will do the rest. For a giveaway, you need to post an aesthetic photo of your logo-branded gift, and then add the rules to entering the giveaway in the post’s caption. 

To begin, those who enter should be following your account. Then, the second rule can ask them to tag 2-3 people who aren’t already following you. This gets your brand in front of new faces! Then, if these new users want to enter the contest, they need to follow your account, too. Another giveaway rule might be that those who enter must repost your photo, which would put your brand in front of even more people!

An easy social media giveaway gift: a logo-branded gift set! At Merchology, we’ve already put together a wide variety of corporate gift sets: meet the MerchBox! Browse corporate gift sets for different events and occasions as a starting point for your social media giveaway! We’ll add your logo to featured, name-brand products so your brand is front-and-center!

Looking for a smaller giveaway idea? These custom S’ip by S’well Takeaway Mugs make a great product for a quick giveaway! Personalized drinkware makes a great custom social media giveaway gift because it’s one size fits all!

Custom S'ip by S'well Takeaway Mug

Want to stand out with a single social media giveaway product? Gift the winner with a custom hydroponic plant growing kit! This unique gift comes with a sleek, logo-branded planter and all the supplies you need to grow some of your favorite herbs. The winner will never forget this outside-of-the-box custom gift, and they won’t forget your logo, either!

Logo-Branded Modern Sprout Tumbler Grow Kit

Now, a growing social media audience can result in sales and customer retention, but it’s important to always to go back to the “Why” of your brand. Use social media to show who you really are! Focus on meeting the needs of the niche market you seek to serve rather than trying to grow a following of as many people as you can. 

The Importance of Brand Recognition

At Merchology, we make it our mission to help you receive brand recognition through quality, logo-branded products. Social media is one of the strongest ways to spread business recognition. Brand recognition is important because it builds trust. As you get more eyes on your logo, your company becomes common knowledge. 

Even if those who receive your corporate gifts aren’t using your goods and services now, when the time comes, brand recognition will help them trust your brand! As soon as they begin to look into the type of service you provide, they’ll remember your company’s name. It all goes back to building relationships—help your clients and customers remember how much you care!

Logo-Branded Gifts for Social Media Influencers

Another successful trend in social media is brand-influencer relationships. As you know, the key to a successful business is to build relationships with those you seek to serve. An awesome feature of social media is that your clients and customers who really love your brand can show their followers how much they enjoy your brand!

You can show influencers and brand advocates how much you appreciate them and your brand-influencer relationship by sending logo-branded corporate swag! Influencers often share their likes and interests on social media, and we have a wide variety of MerchBoxes with their favorite products! 

Are your influencers interested in custom Earth-conscious merch? The Consciously Curated MerchBox is for you! We’ll add your logo to the custom Leed’s Fabric & Bamboo Speaker, the logo-branded Leed’s Grey Recycled Computer Tote, the reusable custom Zusa Sidekick Water Bottle, and more!

Custom Leed's Grey Fabric & Bamboo Speaker


Want to gift an influencer with a fun night in? The It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere Merchbox features a custom W&P Cocktail Canteen, custom Corkcicle Rock Tumblers, custom Batch & Bodega 3-Pack Syrups, and more, all with your logo added!

Custom Corkcicle Clear Rock Glass Set

Logo-branded gifts for social media influencers and corporate swag giveaways are two of the most effective ways to build brand recognition. We have all of the logo-branded high-end gifts you need to make a lasting impression on social media and beyond!

Need More Custom Social Media Gift Ideas? Contact us at Merchology!

Our Merchologists are our product experts—they’re here to help with social media gift selection, MerchBox customization, color options, sizing, shipping, and more! They can offer suggestions for social media giveaways and influencer gifts, too!