5 Steps to a Great Brand Refresh

How to Roll Out a Brand Refresh for Your Company

The past few years have been pretty stressful! From a global pandemic to political instability, the last thing people want is a big change. NOT! Now is the perfect time to give your business a breath of fresh air by learning how to refresh your brand with Merchology! Update your team's outdated looks and logo with a new, eye-catching corporate logo that also tells the story of your company, its mission, and the drive you have to do more and do better.

Companies around the globe have been feeling the pressure of staying relevant, trustworthy, and hip in today's everchanging world. There are few better ways to show potential customers how adaptable and long-lasting your organization than a strong brand and logo refresh! A well-timed and creatively thought-out brand refresh can propel your business, big or small, into the next realm of success and growth.

Your company is more than just one product or service, why not showcase more of what your team has to offer with a brand new company logo refresh. What's more, capitalize on this improvement with new corporate apparel, custom corporate gifts, and more to show employees and clients alike that you're proud of your partnership and what you can achieve! Learn more about the steps on how to refresh your brand then find out what we can offer to help you spread that success worldwide!

Adding your updated company logo to a fresh custom logo baseball cap can create a perfect piece

1. Make a Small, But Significant, Logo Change

The majority of recognized and trusted company logos these days are streamlined, sleek, and free from distracting details. Generally only featuring one to two colors, strong lines, and zero extra embellishments, modernized business logos tend to keep a visual element of the original logo design while shedding the additional details. 

If your company logo looks a bit too busy upon first glance, it may be time to simplify your brand's look! Whether eliminating the company name from the icon, removing unnecessary colors, or strengthening the lines; these slight changes can make your logo feel current and fresh. No need to completely create a new branding from the ground up, simply flatten and empower your logo for a interesting change!

Above you'll see the refreshed Merchology logo added to a custom company baseball hat. With clean lines and soft, complementary colors, the logo embroidered dad hat allows the icon to pop against the bright white color without overpowering.

Custom logo printed t-shirts can create a beautiful, lasting corporate gift with Merchology!

2. Change Out an Older Typeface

Just as aesthetics and styles shift with the times, so do fonts and typography! While detailed and eye-catching fonts were once popular a few decades ago, the tides have changed back towards simple and understated fonts. Aiming to be easy-to-read and accessible for all, modern typeface choices want to set a comfortable tone from the very start while still denoting its company's work ethic and progressiveness.

Many companies, large and small, choose to have one or two fonts that they rely upon for their content marketing, print advertising, custom company apparel, and more. Above you'll see a custom logo t-shirt featuring Merchology's updated branding design. Opting for a soft-serif typeface, these logo-branded t-shirts deliver a welcoming tone for all who see our company tees day in and day out.

Add your laser-etched company logo to reusable water bottles for a great welcome back to the office gift

3. Keep What Works Well for Your Brand

One of the most brilliant pieces of a knowing how to refresh your brand, is also knowing what to keep! Love your color palette? Keep it! Hear great comments from clients and customers about your company logo? Celebrate your branding style rather than changing it! Take a step back and discuss with employees, partners, and trusted clients to find out the pieces that they love about your branding along with the parts they could do without.

Throughout Merchology's corporate brand refresh, one item we discussed over and over again was our long-standing company tagline: "Your Logo + Brands You Love". While we avidly sought to improve every single piece of our visual branding, we kept pausing over our tagline. In short, it said everything we could want it to say. It's simple, clear, and speaks directly to the service we offer our customers.

In the end, we kept it exactly the same, because once in a while a company gets it right on the very first try! Above you'll see our refreshed company logo and long-standing company tagline on a custom MiiR water bottle. With our company name, logo, and tagline laser engraved on a corporate water bottle, we're showcasing our dedication to sustainability with our enduring dedication to serving our customers.

Keep your team's eyes on the prize with custom self care pieces such as logo-branded chapstick

4. Expand and Modernize Your Outreach

As you've been updating your company logo and brand design, also consider who you want to connect with and what they would like to hear from you. While this is a secondary thought throughout a brand refresh, it's important to delve into how you'll be employing your new corporate style.

Above you'll see that part of the employee appreciation gift set following Merchology's brand refresh this year, was a logo-branded chapstick. Featuring our internal company hashtag and one of our core values printed on the label, these corporate logo chap sticks connect with our team which is largely made up of younger employees. Don't be afraid to embrace the new and expand your company's style to meld with your new audience.

Let your office supplies show company support with custom notepads, notebooks, and stationery Let your office supplies show company support with custom notepads, notebooks, and stationery Let your office supplies show company support with custom notepads, notebooks, and stationery

5. Think Beyond Logos

From secondary logos to overarching themes and styles, don't be afraid to take your brand refresh to the next level! While starting a company logo update can feel intimidating, once the creativity is flowing, it can be tough to turn it off! Keep your notes and ideas safe at every step of the process as overall expansion is just a successful quarter or year away!

Above you'll see corporate logo office supplies featuring Merchology's updated branding and palette. Focusing upon the scientific side of our company's skills, our design team created a hexagon-based background with our updated color combination. With our new logo printed on custom logo pens, corporate sticky-note pads, and company custom notebooks; we're able to showcase our futuristic attitude while staying on top of tasks.

Additionally, our new brand refresh is leading us to brilliant interior decorating ideas as we move into a new office in a few months. From wall art and background design, our company logo refresh has taken our business to new heights in the new year!

Communicate Your Company Changes

After your final decisions are made and the new corporate logo and branding are complete, feel free to tell the world! Communicate with your employees and clients alike the meaning and thought behind the updated designs to share the joy. Send out a company wide email, write a great blog post, or send out custom corporate gifts to let everyone know the big updates. Celebrate the completed brand refresh with custom logo-branded apparel and corporate gifts that will help spread the word.

Want to learn more? Read through this blog post to learn more about Merchology's brand refresh and get a good sense of how to announce your company's branding updates. 

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