Internal Merchandising Request Form - MerchStore

Internal MerchStore Addition Request Form


  • We can add up to 5 products for stores valued under $20,000.00
  • We can add up to 10 products for stores valued over $20,000.00
  • Any stores with a potential value of $40,000+ that want to add more than 10 products will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • To be eligible for all MerchStores, an item needs to have 1,000+ units in all sizes.
  • To be eligible for a specific MerchStore, an item needs to have 250 units per size.
  • We can’t mandate minimum quantities in MerchStores. For this reason, hard goods must be in our inventory to be eligible. If the item isn't stored in house, we will only add the item to a specific MerchStore. On pre-approved products with minimums, we’ll be communicating the minimum to customers and instructing them that they will be responsible for purchasing the remainder if the minimum is not met.
  • Make sure your customer is moving forward with a MerchStore before making a request to add an item. Some orders may be better suited for the Group Ordering Tool based on the size of the order, items requested, and the timeline. Check out the MerchSolutions page if you’re unsure of which tool to use.
  • Cutoff time for same day MerchStore additions is 1:00PM, if past this time then the item will be added to the site the following day. It takes about 1-2 hours to get items added to the MerchStore functionality (depending on how many items it is). If it’s a large request it could take one full business day to get the products added.  
  • To see a list of the current items available for MerchStores click here.