The Company Benefits of Encouraged Employees

Business Benefits of Encouraging Employees

7 Reasons Why You Should Motivate Your Employees

We can all feel it: the workforce is changing. Office life just isn’t like it used to be, and frankly, we’re okay with that! Companies have implemented a variety of changes, whether through a WFH structure, 4-day work weeks, increased benefits, team-building activities, or social initiatives. These changes are happening in response to many social shifts—among them is the increased need for motivation within the workplace. 

The sudden switch to remote work in the midst of a global pandemic was one that jostled many employees’ ability to focus on work as well as their desire to perform within their roles. In fact, millions of Americans have already left their jobs in what’s known as The Great Resignation, a phenomenon that showed up in the wake of the COVID years. It’s predicted that the flood of employees leaving their jobs will continue in the months and years to come. This isn’t encouraging news for companies, many of whom are working hard to fill positions that remain open much longer than expected. This is where the need for motivation comes in.

The increased need for motivation in the workplace might be misconstrued as an uptick in laziness or lack of effort, but don’t be fooled. Employees are simply looking for reasons to pour their time and effort into their jobs. Everyone wants to feel motivated by their job—it’s pretty discouraging to feel like you’re forcing yourself into a role that doesn’t light a spark inside of you. At Merchology, we want to show you 7 reasons why you should motivate your employees, and then give you practically how to keep your team happy!


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Benefits of a Motivated Team

There are many more benefits of a motivated team than just these seven, but these are the seven that we believe are the most important for your team!

Less Absenteeism. When employees feel motivated, they’re less likely to take unnecessary sick days or excessive personal days. When you’re motivated, you won’t feel as much dread surrounding your job. Motivation is what gets your team members out of bed feeling ready to go. Overall, attendance is much more consistent when employees are motivated. 

Improved Work Performance. Motivated team members are more likely to arrive at the office ready to put in their best effort. Motivated employees want to see their projects through; they aren’t just there to clock in and clock out. They’ll take pride in the work they do. Additionally, they’re more likely to really care about the work they do, which leads to increased effort and attention to detail.

Better Creativity. Motivated employees often feel less stressed and therefore are in a better mental headspace to think freely. To be creative, team members first need to have other needs met, including a sense of security in their job and support from their supervisors and other teammates. Creativity requires that employees have a sense of freedom to put themselves out there creatively. 

Good Company Reputation. In the midst of The Great Resignation, people are looking for better work environments. Job seekers are more likely to apply for positions that have good reviews online. Additionally, word-of-mouth is likely the most powerful tool a company has when it comes to recruiting. People are much more apt to listen to a trusted friend who has experience at a certain company than strangers on the internet. If your employees are motivated, they’ll be excited to share 

Higher Employee Retention. People need to feel motivated in order to feel fulfilled in their lives. If you’re not striving to ensure your employees are motivated, they’ll lose their sense of purpose in their position. If a job feels unfulfilling over time, there’s no reason to stay. Especially considering the high turnover in the job market right now, it’s important to do what you can to motivate your team members. 

Better Problem Solving. This goes hand-in-hand with creativity: if employees feel secure in their jobs and motivated, they’ll feel free to think outside the box. What’s more is that when employees are motivated in their positions, they’ll be more invested in solving problems at your company. They’ll truly care about finding a solution that helps the company and that helps them.

Positive Impact on Other Team Members. A person’s team members have a significant impact on their work life. The culture of a workplace can dictate how people perceive the work they do. If you have multiple team members (or sometimes just one) who think their work is pointless, it easily rubs off on those around them. From there, you can see a rapid downward spiral in your team’s morale. But when you have team members who are excited to work and really believe in what your company is doing, that affects their teammates as well. It’s easy to feel inspired when the person next to you is bringing enthusiasm and effort to the office every day. 



Ways to Motivate Your Team Members

Now we know the importance of motivating our team members, but it can be hard to know where to begin, especially if you’re working with a team that seems less motivated all the time. Here are some ways to motivate your team members so they feel happy and fulfilled! 

Recognize Accomplishments. Everyone needs to hear that the work they’re doing matters. Knowing that you’re making a difference will motivate you to keep doing excellent work.

Show Your Appreciation. By going out of your way to put together thoughtful gifts, you’ll show your team that you truly appreciate their work. A personalized company gift is a tangible reminder that you’re thinking of them beyond your work environment. Browse this Corporate Gifts Buyers Guide for employee appreciation gift ideas!

Give Constructive Feedback. Make sure that the feedback you give is to build your team members up. Negative feedback with no purpose is discouraging. If your team member has something they need to improve on, be sure you communicate kindly and positively.

Allow Opportunities for Them to Give Feedback. Your employees need to know that their opinions and concerns matter to you. Plus, they may bring up issues you didn’t know existed.

Show You’re Committed to Team Members’ Happiness. Nothing is more motivational than a leader who wants the best for you. When team members know their happiness is at the forefront of your mind, they’ll feel motivated to join in on your goals. 

Lead by Example. Finally, if you aren’t motivated in your position, it’s very likely that your employees will be unmotivated, too. Your unspoken actions will have a lot more of an effect on your team than you might realize. 

Most of all, focus on what’s important. You care more about your team members’ health and wellness than their productivity (although that’s very important). If your team members are struggling with motivation, talk to them. There could be something else going on. The best way to motivate your team members is to show you truly care!

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