Top 5 Custom Water Bottles for Colleges

Shop the most popular custom college water bottles of the year and help your college gifts stand out

Top 5 Custom Water Bottles for College Students

Your community college or university likely has a proud, dedicated body of students and alumni. Naturally, they want to represent your college with logo-branded swag featuring your signature colors and mascot. Items like hoodies, custom hats, custom university apparel, notebooks, pens, flags, and giant foam fingers are popular in on-campus bookstores. But what about college logo water bottles?

If you’re looking for a durable, memorable way for your students and alumni to memorialize their time at your university, college-branded water bottles just might do the trick. Water bottles are a great way for your community to take a little piece of their alma mater with them everywhere they go.

Wondering about getting custom university water bottles for your school? Read on.

Why Shop College Branded Water Bottles for Your School?

There are many excellent reasons to shop for college logo water bottles for your university. The most obvious reason is that a well-made, durable water bottle is a great gift or souvenir that also happens to be useful. It’s likely that your students will actually use these gifts for years to come.

Personalized water bottles reduce waste and litter on campus, which helps move you toward creating the sustainable, energy-efficient environment you’re going for. Rather than garbage cans filling up with plastic or half-full bottles languishing around campus, making custom university water bottles available to your students could help keep your surroundings cleaner.

Chances are, you’re invested in helping your students stay healthy, too. College-branded water bottles are fantastic custom gifts for college students, and they help to promote good health and hydration. Many college students spend a lot of their time walking campus, and others are involved in sports and extracurricular activities. Give them a little extra incentive to hydrate with water bottles.

What’s more, long-lasting custom water bottles provide a high ROI for advertising. Whether you’re selling college-branded water bottles in your gift shop or ordering university bulk gifts for prospective students, these are items that will make a long-lasting impression.

The Best Custom University Water Bottles for Students and Alumni

So what choices do you have when it comes to selecting college branded water bottles? Take a look at some of our favorites.

Add your college name and logo to branded MiiR water bottles for your students

1. Custom MiiR Wide Mouth Chug Lid Bottle

The MiiR Vacuum Insulated Wide Mouth Hatchback Chug Lid Bottle is a clean, attractive 20 oz. water bottle that comes in black or white. Its minimalist design means your university’s logo will really stand out, making this bottle a perfect choice for handing out at college recruitment events and campus tours. Its hatchback lid allows for easy, one-handed opening--and near-effortless hydration.

Add your college logo to custom YETI water bottles and tumblers for your students

2. Custom Logo YETI Chug Cap Bottle

The YETI Chug Cap Bottle packs all the features of an insulated YETI with a twist-off top and shatter-resistant spout for chugging water on the go. This 26-oz. custom YETI tumbler comes in five colors and is a solid choice for college branded water bottles. Whether your students want to keep their drinks chilled or piping hot, YETI is a universal favorite.

Shop custom sustainable water bottles and drinkware for your college students today

3. Zusa Sidekick Water Bottle 20 oz

If you’re looking for both form and functionality in your custom university water bottles, look no further than the custom Zusa Sidekick water bottle. This insulated bottle has dual openings, making it easy to switch between coffee and water in a snap. With black, white, and navy options, you can feature your university’s logo branding with ease.

Keep your college store water bottles on the cutting edge with the custom Gemline Glass Bamboo Water Bottle

4. Logo-Branded Gemline Bali Bamboo Glass Bottle

Want to offer your students and alumni classy, stylish college logo water bottles? The Gemline Bali Bamboo Glass Bottle is an eco-chic way to represent your university’s brand and help them stay hydrated. It’s a great giveaway option for indoor or outdoor events, and it’ll look great in your gift shop, too.

Add your college logo design for a unique gift for college students wholesale

5. Logo-Branded BIC Yoli Glass Bottle

The BIC Yoli Glass Bottle comes in four bright colors and features a built-in silicone straw with an easy-flip top. Its glass window and two-tone design add a sophisticated flair. Just feature your logo on the glass and you’re good to go.

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