Top Gifts for Interns

An internship program is an incredible opportunity for both the intern and the participating company! Internships give young professionals an in-depth look at what their potential career could look like, while also teaching skills that can't always be taught in a classroom. Internships are also a great way for companies to get young talent in the door, and receive fresh eyes on new projects and also receive some extra hands on deck. Your team of interns will be thankful for the opportunity given to them, and it's important to show your gratitude for their hard work as well! You may be wondering what is a good gift for an intern, but we have you covered. National Intern Day in July is the perfect gifting opportunity. We've rounded up a list of some top gift ideas for interns to be given either as a welcome gift or a completion gift, but will help you celebrate interns that make your company great! No matter which product category you choose, these gifts will help you say "Thank you, Interns" in the best way!


1. Custom Notebook

If there's one thing that any intern in any industry does a lot of, it's taking notes! There is so much to learn right off the bat when starting a new job, and staying organized is important. Great notebooks and stationery are truly internship essentials. We offer a large selection of notebooks that include a wide array of designs and layouts, so you can find the best option for your intern's tasks.



 2. Custom Power Bank & Portable Charger

Interns can work long hours, just like you! Keep your intern charged up and connected with a custom power bank or portable charger. This is an essential tech accessory that any intern will appreciate. Perfect for interns working in marketing or social media, these power banks and portable chargers will have devices ready for a full day of work!



3. Custom Drinkware

A staple in corporate gifting, custom drinkware is the perfect addition to any gift, but can even stand on its own. Custom drinkware styles make great National Intern Day gifts due to the wide variety available, and how customizable they can be! The options are truly endless when it comes to custom drinkware. From tumblers, to water bottles, to coffee mugs, there's no limit to what you can create for your brand. We even offer drinkware that's combined with technology, such as LARQ or Ember, if you really want to bring your drinkware to the next level!


4. Custom Jacket

Although it may depend on your location and season, a custom jacket is a great token of appreciation for your intern's work, and also a great way to truly make your new intern feel a part of your team. Welcoming your new intern with apparel is a fun, fashionable way to incorporate them into your company's space. We offer an exceptional collection of custom men's and women's jackets so you can find a brand you love and a style that will suit your team, and create the perfect intern recognition gifts!



5. Custom Backpack

Your intern will love staying organized with a custom backpack. Our backpack collection includes a wide array of styles, including trending colors and classic business styles. Backpacks with a padded laptop sleeve are great for interns that are working remotely. A custom backpack is a great gift idea for interns due its longevity and everyday use!


6. Custom Speaker

A custom speaker is a fun gift for interns and a unique way to rep your brand. These speakers are the perfect addition to roadtrips, backyard gatherings and even hanging out at home. A custom speaker is the perfect unisex gift that will be appreciated by anyone! We offer speakers that simply play your tunes, and speakers that do much more, such as the Amazon Echo Dot.


7. Custom Blanket

One of the latest trends in custom gifts is custom blankets! Bring your brand with you to your next picnic, or bring it into your home as a new cozy essential. A blanket is a new, unique way to rep your brand and who doesn't love a new plush blanket?! A custom blanket is a gift that will be used all year round and loved by any recipient.


8. Custom Hat

Accessorize your intern's wardrobe with a custom hat! Whether you go for a classic athletic cap or choose a trendier route with a dad cap, we have the perfect hat for your brand. A custom hat is a great unisex gift that provides an effortless way to rep your brand, as they are one of the best corporate gifts.  For interns, these hats make great standalone gifts, or can be the finishing touch to a complete gift box!


9. Custom Food & Beverage Gift Set

Your interns can enjoy a sweet or savory treat with a custom snack set, or they can toast to their experience with a cocktail kit! Custom food and beverage gift sets are a super fun and unique way to either welcome your new team member or celebrate the completion of their program. Either way, these products are repping your brand in a fresh new way!


10.  Custom Padfolio

A custom padfolio is a great way to kickoff an internship program. A padfolio is one of the best professional gifts for interns. It allows your intern to stay organized and look sharp doing it! By debossing your company's logo on the cover, your intern can rep your brand in a classy manner and have a great takeaway item to remember their experience with you. A high quality padfolio is a must in the early stages of any career!


When is National Intern Day?

National Intern Day is the last Thursday in July!

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