What are the 4 Types of Logo?

The 4 Main Logo Types

A good logo is a necessity for any company looking to succeed but it can be tough for aspiring entrepreneurs to make a decision! There are so many different things that go into making and choosing your logo, like colors, fonts, and shapes! But, what are the 4 logo types and how are logo types used to connect with customers?

Logos are often the first impression you make on a potential customer and adding your corporate logo to company merch can increase brand awareness! Whether you’re a new company looking to get off the ground or a community staple looking for a corporate logo refresh; here are the four types of logos to consider when building your brand.

The Toys R Us Word Mark Logo creates a clear line as to what company they are and what they sell


The most common type of logo you’ll see used are wordmark logos. Wordmark logos usually consist of a company’s name and rely on typography and shape to represent their brand. Wordmark logos work best for companies that have a name that describe what the company does. Toys R Us is a great example of a company whose name and logo perfectly convey their product and message. A wordmark logo looks great on a company logo apparel like a corporate jacket or an employee’s work shirt.

The classic HBO lettermark logo makes a direct connection with customers


Sometimes a company name is too lengthy to put into a logo so many brands opt for lettermark logos. Companies that opt for lettermark logos usually shorten the name of the company for branding purposes. This allows for a streamlined logo with more room for creativity. HBO is one of the most famous companies with an anagram name and letter mark logo, I bet most young people today don’t realize it stands for Home Box Office!

These corporate logos are great if your company’s name isn’t notable but you’re looking for some creativity and pizazz in a corporate logo refresh. A stout but bold lettermark logo looks great on company branded bottles and mugs or front and center on a backpack!

The classic and minimal Apple company logo connects with customers even at a glance


Some images have transcended their original purpose and have become synonymous with big name companies. For example, the silhouette of an apple with a little bite taken out of it is the unmistakable logo for tech giant Apple. These types of logos are called brandmark logos. These logos are recognizable and can be accompanied by the brand’s name, like Target and its trademark bullseye. Brandmark logos are great for logo-branded company gifts like corporate hats or custom office supplies.

The corporate NFL logo needs only three letters to connect with customers and fans


Emblems are the last type of logo to consider for a corporate logo update. This style is a bit of a combination of different types of logos. Many sports teams and pro leagues use emblems regularly. The NFL’s shield is the perfect example; it’s a brandmark shield but also a lettermark logo. Some emblems signal what a company is about, like the NBA’s silhouette logo. Some don’t, like the classic Starbucks mermaid.

Emblems are a great way for your company to be creative in representing themselves whether online or on some custom logo apparel and corporate gifts. A well crafted emblem is perfect for novelty items to use as logo branded gifts like custom logo stress balls or corporate pens!

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