How Many Stitches Should a Logo Have?

How Many Embroidery Stitches in a Logo?

If you have a company party coming up or are looking to get your employees dressed up for a cool industry event, be sure to order your custom company merch ahead of schedule. But what happens when all the details become a bit too much? Get prepared and learn more about how many embroidery stitches are in a logo so you can prepare your budget for your next corporate gift.

Typically 1 solid square inch of embroidery is equal to about 2,000 stitches. On average, a unique corporate logo uses between 6,000 - 8,000 embroidery stitches. This amount can typically deliver a good level of detail while still being large enough to catch the eyes of passersby with ease. These logo sizes can be especially perfect choices for custom polos shirts, logo embroidered hats, corporate jackets, and more.

At Merchology, we offer up to 10,000 stitches on one logo per item free of charge! Most company logos that are embroidered fall well below our 10,000 stitch count limit, making it even easier to buy the corporate gifts and apparel you need.

If your logo happens to go over that amount, our expert Merchologists and Graphic Design Team will spot it out right away to keep you in the know! Logos go over the 10K stitch maximum typically because the logo is extremely detailed, has a bunch of different colors, is super large, or has a heavy background filling. Our knowledgeable team can offer some easy solutions to keep your logo at no cost, or can quote the overage for straightforward ordering.

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