Where is Patagonia Made?

Now that the holidays are almost here, it’s time to start looking for corporate gifts - especially large group custom gifts. In 2023, we’re looking for gifts that reflect our values. It’s our responsibility to choose gifts that are responsibly made and sourced. 

We might not always consider where our favorite brands make their products, but these days, consumers are growing more curious than ever before. There are some brands on the market, such as Patagonia, that value transparency and ethical practices that support the environment, too. 

Patagonia is a popular brand for corporate holiday gifting. Custom Patagonia apparel is a fan-favorite that has stood the test of time. If you want to know more about the brand, including where its products are made, keep reading! 

Where Are Patagonia Products Made?

You might be wondering: where is Patagonia clothing made? Most of Patagonia’s products are made in China, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam. However, the company’s goods are manufactured in 40 factories across 16 countries in total. 

Since the 1990s, Patagonia has taken the initiative to remain actively aware of its supply chain. They’ve created their own Code of Conduct that ensures all subcontractors, facilities, and suppliers used are approved by the company

Patagonia works in partnership with BlueSign Technologies, a third-party organization that verifies that all its factories are complying with Fair Labor Association standards. Working closely with Bluesign Technologies ensures appropriate transparency where Patagonia’s supply chain is concerned.

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Patagonia Sustainability

Sustainability is one of Patagonia’s most important central initiatives. They demonstrate this not only through their keen attention to the supply chain but also through their initiatives to protect the environment. 

Not only does Patagonia use only responsibly sourced down and preferred materials such as virgin cotton, but the company assisted in founding the Regenerative Organic Alliance, a new nonprofit that not only owns but manages the Regenerative Organic Certified® program.

Merchology is proud to have joined Patagonia in the 1% For The Planet program. When your company purchases logo-branded corporate Patagonia jackets and apparel, Merchology donates 1% of the profits back to the planet. And in turn, Patagonia will also donate 1% of its profit on the sale, too! 

As you can see, there are many great reasons to get excited about branded Patagonia merch!

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