Gemline Custom Promotional Electronics & Giveaways

Electronics aren’t just a new type of gift that’s hot right now—no, it’s safe to say that after decades in the information age, electronics are here to stay. That means the electronic gear and gadgets you see here can make fantastic corporate gifts and promotional items when you add your custom logo. But they’re also fun to enjoy in and of themselves! Browse through the electronics you see here if you’re out of gift ideas or simply want a fresh way to represent your brand with pride. Chances are, you’ll find the exact electronic gadget that suits your needs to a T.




Gemline Black Adak Bluetooth 25W Speaker IPX7

As low as $128.99

Gemline Black Craze Sport Bluetooth Earbuds

As low as $54.49

Gemline Black Odyssey Bluetooth Headphones

As low as $79.39