Choosing the Perfect Custom Logo Tradeshow Giveaways

There's no better way to generate some buzz for your brand at a trade show than with the perfect trade show giveaways with your logo. However, there are endless options when it comes to promotional giveaways these days, so it can be hard to know which ones to choose. We're here to break down all of the the best custom trade show merch for your next event!

Why are Trade Show Giveaways Important?

So, what makes trade show giveaways so valuable anyways? They serve so many purposes that it's hard to know where to start! First, they generate some buzz for your booth to attendees that walk by. Second, they can be traded for contact info, making them a great lead generation tool. Finally, they keep doing their job long after the trade show by promoting your logo and brand everywhere someone takes them! Trade show giveaways pay for themselves over time, so they aren't a luxury, they're a necessity.

Top Custom Trade Show Giveaways

Trade Show Season

Custom Logo S’well Bottles

There's a good chance you've either seen these around at past trade shows or you own one yourself already. That's because custom S'well bottles are perfect for customization. The S'well logo is strategically placed on the bottom of the bottle, leaving plenty of uninterrupted space for your corporate logo. Plus, these custom water bottles will keep your drinks ice cold all day long with double walled stainless steel insulation!

Custom Logo S'well Bottles for Tradeshow Giveaways

Origaudio Personalized Portable Chargers

Custom portable chargers are always a hit at trade shows since everyone is on the go away from an outlet all day long. Plus, custom power banks are an item that attendees will take home with them and continue to use long after the trade show. Origaudio custom portable chargers are some of the best around for a few reasons. First, they have large power storage and charge up your devices fast. Second, they're the only portable chargers that are fully customizable across the entire device!

Shop Origaudio Custom Portable Chargers with Your Printed Logo for Trade ShowsShop Origaudio Custom Portable Chargers with Your Printed Logo for Trade ShowsShop Origaudio Custom Portable Chargers with Your Printed Logo for Trade Shows

Custom Moleskine Notebooks

Distributing custom Moleskine notebooks at a trade show is beneficial to your business in more ways that one. Of course Moleskine notebooks make excellent promotional items when you add your logo, since they're some of the highest quality custom notebooks around. On top of that, you'll know for certain that anyone who visits your trade show booth will be able to take notes on all your product details and offerings. It's a win-win!

Shop Custom Logo Moleskine Notebooks for Tradeshow Giveaways

Econscious Custom Promotional Tote Bags

Sure, tons of booths will be giving away custom tote bags at most large trade shows because they're so sensible for these events. After all, they're a vessel for all the sweet custom trade show swag people collect throughout the day. The difference these custom bags provide is that they're made from 100% recycled cotton, so they're as eco-friendly as it gets! Plus, they can also be used as reusable grocery bags after the event.

Shop Custom Logo Amazon Alexa Smart Speakers for Tradeshow GiveawaysEconscious Natural Organic Cotton Go Lite ToteShop Custom Logo Econscious Tote Bags for Trade Show Giveaways

Port Authority Custom Logo Blankets

In a world where more people are working from home than ever before, custom blankets have become one of the hottest promotional giveaway items around. There's nothing better than curling up in a soft and cozy blanket with your morning coffee at home or even in a chilly office. Thanks to your embroidered company logo, everyone who gets one of these from your booth with have a positive association with your brand.

Shop Port Authority Custom Blankets with Your Embroidered Logo for Trade Shows

Custom Koozie Can Coolers

If you're distributing trade show giveaways to the masses and want to get your logo in as many hands as possible then there's no better choice than a bulk order of custom koozies with your printed company logo. They're cheap, useful, and display your logo extremely well for something so small.

Shop Custom Koozies with Your Printed Corporate Logo for Trade ShowsShop Custom Koozies with Your Printed Corporate Logo for Trade ShowsKoozie Navy Collapsible Neoprene Can Kooler (multi-color print)

Custom Amazon Echo Smart Speakers

Here's a perfect higher value trade show giveaway that you can raffle off as a prize for those who visit your booth. Custom smart speakers are perfect prizes because they're something people consider worth giving out their contact info for but affordable enough that you can give away a few of them.

Shop Custom Logo Amazon Alexa Smart Speakers for Tradeshow Giveaways

Custom Logo Hand Sanitizer Bottles

With all that handshaking and networking at trade shows, custom hand sanitizer bottles are sure to be one of the biggest hits around. Plus, most people will be getting on a plane to return home after the trade show so they'll be incentivized to take their new hand sanitizer with them to use at the airport. Just make sure to get travel sized containers!

Shop Custom Logo Hand Sanitizer for Tradeshow Giveaways

Custom PopSocket Phone Holders

Considering how big smart phones are getting lately, pop sockets are almost a must-have. So, why not add your company logo to custom pop sockets and hand them out for free at your next trade show? The best part is that your company logo will be visible whenever someone uses their phone, which is pretty much all day everyday. Now that's a good way to maximize logo impressions!

Shop Custom PopSockets with Your Printed Company LogoShop Custom PopSockets with Your Printed Company LogoShop Custom PopSockets with Your Printed Company Logo

Custom Logo YETI Cups

If you want to go with high-end promotional giveaways then you can't go wrong with personalized YETI tumblers, water bottles, and coolers. These amazing tumblers and water bottles keep your drinks ice cold for 24 hours or piping hot for 12 hours! Plus, since they're higher value, you can give them out to trade show attendees who agree to a meeting or attend your break out presentation. Custom YETI cups are also great as raffle prizes too. 

Shop Custom Logo YETI Cups for Tradeshow Giveaways

How to Select the Right Promotional Products for Your Trade Show Booth

Choosing the perfect trade show giveaways all depends on the type of trade show you're attending. If it's a tech trade show then consider giving away some tech-related promotional items like smart speakers, portable chargers, or webcam covers. If it's an agricultural trade show you'll want to bring completely different giveaways like drinkware and custom apparel.

You also should take your goals into consideration when selecting your trade show giveaways. For instance, if you simply want to maximize impressions of your logo for brand recognition then bulk orders of koozies and pop sockets make the most sense. Conversely, if your goal is to book demos then you'll want to go with more high-value promotional items like YETI cups or AirPods. If you take your audience and goals into account then you'll have no problem picking the perfect custom logo trade show giveaways!

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