MerchStore vs Group Order Tool: When To Use

Learn more about how to shop custom company merch and corporate gifts with the MerchStore or Group Order Tool

MerchStore vs Group Order Tool

If you help run a business or organization, you probably know that giving logo-branded gifts to your employees improves morale, while also increasing your brand visibility. But let’s face it: with all the administrative tasks you juggle every day, ordering custom company merch often falls to the bottom of your to-do list.

Thankfully, Merchology offers multiple Merch Solutions to make corporate gift-giving easy. Two of our most helpful tools are the MerchStore and the Group Order Tool. Both of these Merch Solutions allow your team members, partners, or customers to choose the gifts that they want, enter their own shipping and sizing information, and ship either to the office or directly to their door. But which Merch Solution best fits your company? Each corporate gift ordering tool has different features for different needs, and we'd love to help you find the one that works for you.

Below, we’ll look at a few gift-giving scenarios and discuss whether the MerchStore or Group Order Tool is the best choice for each situation.


Set up a unique company MerchStore with Merchology and make corporate gift ordering easier


Busy Hiring Season

The process of posting job openings, interviewing candidates, and onboarding new hires is time-consuming and exhausting. Administrators can easily fall behind on welcoming each new team member with a nice array of logo-branded gifts.

Use the MerchStore to allow employees to select the custom company merch and apparel that will make them feel like part of the team. You simply choose which Merchology items you want to offer. Then you’ll receive the link to a custom online store, which you can send to each new employee as part of your onboarding process.

Your employees will shop the MerchStore just like any other online store, except that the company can cover the cost through our admin pay option. They place an order, which is drop-shipped directly to their home, making it especially convenient for remote and hybrid workers.

Company Pop-Up

There are many reasons for your business to set up an online pop-up shop for custom company merch. You might be hosting a virtual convention and need a way for attendees to order swag. Or maybe your organization is celebrating a big anniversary, and you want to offer specialized merch for it. There are limitless events, festivals, or special promotions that can be enhanced by an online merch pop-up.

Use the MerchStore to create an online storefront that is hassle-free for your company and for shoppers! No more carting around heavy boxes of custom logo t-shirts, personalized hats, and corporate water bottles. You choose the starting and closing date of the pop-up shop, and customers, fans, or team members can shop using the direct link to your store. If you prefer, individuals can pay for their own orders, which will be shipped directly to them. We handle all the heavy lifting, and you get happy customers and increased brand visibility.

Employee Incentive Gifts

Looking to celebrate the successes of your team members and show your employee appreciation for their hard work? Employee incentive gifts can help your crew drive themselves to the next level and encourage them to achieve their potential! With thoughtful corporate gifts and unique custom merch available for everyone to choose from, logo-branded company gifts can unite your team.

Use the MerchStore to create a unique branded company store that your employees can shop from as they please! Once they reach their goal, send out the your one-of-a-kind company store URL and allow them to choose the employee incentive gifts that they want. Then we'll send the custom MerchStore admin a link to pay for their employee present. Straightforward and simple! After that Merchology can ship the custom company gift to the office for a mini-party or straight to their door for remote and hybrid workers!


Learn more about how to shop for custom merch and corporate gifts with the Group Order Tool


Company Holiday Party

Corporate holiday parties are an ideal way to celebrate your team’s achievements in a laid-back, festive atmosphere. They are also a great opportunity to give out corporate gifts for your employee appreciation program. You can use your company holiday party to give work anniversary gifts, fun prizes for top performers, as well as company-wide merch to make everyone feel appreciated.

Use the Group Order Tool to make a single large order for a big event like a holiday party. Each employee will get a custom link where they can select their apparel sizes, as well as which products, styles, and colors they prefer. The Group Order Tool helps you make sure your employees get corporate gifts they will use and enjoy.

The convenience goes beyond choice, however. After everyone chooses their preferences, your company admin will get one easy link to pay for the order. If you have a remote team and are hosting a virtual party, your employees’ gifts will ship directly to their homes. If the party is in-person, you have the option of having the entire order shipped directly to your office or the party’s venue.

Employee Uniform Refresh

When you offer or require team wear, it is important to regularly purchase new apparel and offer more options. Regular orders help replace worn and faded shirts (which can damage morale) and provide apparel for all weather conditions and body types. By ordering new custom employee uniforms, you can keep your team feeling refreshed and unified.

Use the Group Order Tool to make uniform ordering a breeze! You will send each employee a link to select their size, style, and color preferences. Not only is this process easy, but it is also private and respectful. No more asking people to write down or email you their clothing sizes; employees fill out their info directly through the Group Order Tool. You pay for all your new custom employee uniforms with one easy payment link. The apparel can be shipped to different company locations or directly to employees’ homes.

Employee Appreciation Gifts

Giving corporate gifts is an important way to show your appreciation to employees. In fact, gift-giving is a necessity for employee engagement and retention. Merchology offers logo-branded gifts for any occasion, budget, and need, with products ranging from corporate branded snacks to custom electronics.

Use the Group Order Tool to easily collect everyone’s sizes and choices. You can even use the tool to build gift boxes of corporate branded products! For instance, you could set up your Group Order Tool so that each employee picks their preferred corporate tote bag, set of headphones, and custom coffee mugs. Your team members will use and appreciate these high-quality gifts, shipped directly to them, that they got to choose themselves.

Learn all about the different ways you can easily buy your company's corporate gifts and custom merch with Merchology!

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