6 Company Event Ideas for Morale Boosting

Learn how to boost employee morale around your office with these fun, easy company event ideas

6 Morale Booster Events for Work

Have there been some negative vibes around the office lately? Are employees feeling a little off after being away from each other for a whole year? Company morale, the attitude and outlook of the workers within an organization, is a tricky subject to stay on top of. Incredibly important to company culture, employee morale can determine the quality and output of the work a business does as well as the more important factor of worker satisfaction.

When the whole team is running on high, there's almost nothing your team can't accomplish. If things are feeling a little bit off, however, employees can go through their days feeling worn-out, irritated, and uninspired. Happier employees report feeling motivated to succeed for themselves and their business, as well as stating that they would recommend their business to others.

How can managers and company leaders work on boosting employee morale? Can you improve worker motivation? How can I better the company mood? Here are 6 of the easiest company event ideas for morale boosting so you can get back on the fun, successful track your team loves!

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Morale Event Ideas

Planning fun-filled and exciting employee morale events doesn't have to be full of guesswork! There are a ton of activities to boost morale at work without a huge budget or a full day off the clock. Read through below to find a company morale boosting activity that suits your office and team for a great day of getting back on track!

1. Volunteer Together to Give More

Help others and connect amongst yourselves with special volunteer days for your company crew! The University of Missouri-Columbia found in an April 2021 study that more individuals reported higher levels of satisfaction and happiness after spending several hours volunteering together than those that had the hours off without an altruistic agenda.

Connect with local foodbanks, homeless shelters, or public schools to seek out opportunities to lend a hand. Looking to combine volunteering hours with some fun time in the sunshine? Reach out to a nearby park or nature reserve to plan a time cleaning up any litter or planting trees and shrubs under the supervision of a park ranger. 

2. Field Day, Fun Day!

Your coworkers don't have to be an athlete to love a good sports day! Get moving and release those endorphins with a classic day of fun-filled competition together with your team. Whether indoors on a cold winter day or outside on a warm, sunny spring afternoon, a company activity day can bring out the competitor in anyone! Team up for an incredible company field day that can unite departments, companies, and friends.

Fun activities for your company's field day can include:

  • Volleyball Game
  • Tug-o-War
  • Three-legged Race
  • Softball Championship
  • Egg and Spoon Race

3. Give Custom Branded Gift Boxes

 Employee morale feeling a little low while everyone is away working remote? No worries, Merchology has your back! Create and send out custom company gift boxes featuring your unique logo and brand design today with Merchology MerchBoxes. Available in a wide array of themes and product assortments, custom MerchBoxes can suit every company personality from the soft and comfortable (CozyUp MerchBox) to the vivacious and outgoing (Cocktail Hour MerchBox).

Choose the exact items in your team's MerchBox, our logo decoration experts will add your unique company logo design to the pieces, and we'll ship them out to you! Want them delivered directly to your employees' doors? No problem! List out the addresses when ordering and we'll send them right to their doormat in a few days.

4. Tend to Your Own Garden

Encouraging employees to add an indoor office garden or desk garden can have double positive effects. One, the entire office space becomes brighter, friendlier, and more energetic. Two, coworkers can join together to share tools, discuss garden designs, plan out indoor plant locations, and much more!

Plan out an office-wide gardening day where supplies are provided and fun is just waiting to grow! Even better? Provide corporate desk gardens and logo branded herb growing sets to your team for an added gift to your group and internal company promotion. With a greener office space and a happier crew, get ready for some of awesome employee morale to take place!

5. Host a Food Truck Lunch!

Tacos! BBQ! Vegan smoothies! If there's something that everyone loves in one form or another, it's food. One of the easiest event ideas to boost employee morale company-wide is to invite a local food truck to your office park or parking lot. Simply invite a fan-favorite food truck, send out a couple reminder emails, and enjoy! Set out a few custom company folding chairs or logo embroidered blankets for the crew to sit down and feast upon for a decorative company touch!

Perfect for companies that are looking to keep costs low but still want happier, more fulfilled employees. An additional bonus, employees will stay nearby to eat leaving more time for connecting and conversing together. Even more of a bonus? Your group will be supporting a small, local company with your business!

6.  Pancake Breakfast for All!

Who doesn't love a fun surprise at work? Even more so when it includes delicious handmade food! Host an impromptu pancake breakfast for your company and let the good times and connections roll. Allow your team to mingle in the open dining space or get cozy back in their cubicles to spend this meal time hanging out and getting to know each other better!

One of the most popular methods of hosting this quick and easy employee morale booster breakfast is to have the executives and department heads serve the sweets! With a swift run to a local grocery store or discount warehouse club, the breakfast ingredients can remain inexpensive and fresh for a low cost company event that will definitely raise employee morale. Looking to up the ante a bit? Order logo branded utensils and corporate kitchenware sets for a bonus treat with the employee breakfast!

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