How to Group Order Custom Merch for Your Team

How To Group Order Custom Merch for Your Team

How to Use The Group Order Tool for Team Merch

At Merchology, it’s our mission to make ordering custom merch for your team as quick and easy as possible! When it comes to choosing company gifts, picking out colors, gathering sizes, and sending in a huge order by a hard deadline, there are lots of moving pieces to juggle. That’s why we created the Group Order Tool! The Group Order Tool is your one-stop shop for ordering branded merch for the whole team.

What is the Group Order Tool?

The Group Order Tool creates a link that allows your employees to place orders for custom products that you’ve selected for them to shop. By working with a member of our team, you’ll set up a Group Order Tool that’s simple and easy for your entire team to order from. All they have to do is choose the products they want in the sizes/colors they prefer, enter their addresses, and submit! Simple as that. 

Why Should You Use the Group Order Tool?

It can be tricky to gather info from large groups of people. Emails shift to the bottom of employees’ inboxes, reminders are ignored, and deadlines are forgotten. It’s no fun to hound your team members for their merch orders. Asking for personal information can also be uncomfortable. It can be awkward to write your clothing size down on a sheet for all to see. One team member might prefer a certain color but be swayed to choose the color everyone else is ordering. Some people might not want their addresses immortalized in an email chain. So, skip the hassle! Use the Group Order Tool to keep information private and ensure your large order is submitted on time. 


Group Order Tool

When to Use the Group Order Tool

Thinking about using the Group Order Tool, but not sure if it will work for your order? Not to worry! Here are some times when using the Group Order Tool might be right for you.

  • When submitting a one-time group order
  • If you’re ordering for a large group
  • When you want employees to choose their own merch
  • When you want to pay for your order in one payment
  • If you have a fast-approaching deadline to receive custom merch
  • If you want your team’s merch shipped to their door
  • If you’d like us to set up your order dashboard for you

A Step-By-Step Group Order Tool Guide

Now, let’s see just how simple the Group Order Tool is to use! Watch this video tutorial with visuals, or read through these step-by-step instructions to get started. 


1. Contact us

2. Send Us Your Info
    • When one of our Merchologists contacts you, they’ll be your new Merchology contact for your Group Order Tool. To set up your Group Order Tool, they’ll need:
      1. Your Group Order Name
      2. The date you’d like your Group Order to close
      3. A logo file (in either JPEG, PNG, or SVG format)
    • Additionally, you can also add some fun text for your company’s storefront message, the email addresses of any additional admins helping with your order, and a password for extra protection. 
      3. Log in to your Group Order Dashboard
      • When your Merchology contact has received your info, they’ll set up your Group Order for you! Once your Group Order has been set up for you, you as the admin will receive a login for your Group order Dashboard. Log in and click on your Group Order. 
        4. Add members
        • To add employees to your Group Order, click “members” just below your group order name. You can either enter their individual emails OR provide your Merchology contact with a CSV file of your member list.
        • If you provide your Merchology contact with a CSV file of your member list, your members can receive automatic notifications and email reminders throughout the order process.
          5. Add products
          • Now, you can choose which products your employees can order!
          • On the top left, toggle from “Members” to “Packages.” 
          • Working with your Merchology contact, you’ll choose the custom products you want your Group Order Members to shop from. Your Merchology contact will help you find the right logo-branded shirts, jackets, hats, gifts, and more, and then they’ll add your products to your Group Order for you!
          • The products or bundles your choose will be displayed for your members to shop! Products will appear as “Packages” that your employees can select.
          • When your employees choose the Package they’d like to order, they can select their size and color preferences, and then add their address for shipping!
            6. Submit payment
            • As soon as all of your employees’ orders have all been submitted, we’ll close the order and create a cart so you can submit your purchase information.
              Group Order Tool

              Easy Company Gift Shopping

              That’s it! The Group Order Tool is easy to use, and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. Now you have a quick, simple way to submit a large company merch order by a set deadline. No more hassle, just awesome, customizable corporate gifts!

              Group Order Tool Success Stories

              Many brands have already had great experiences with the Group Order Tool! Dell needed custom corporate apparel shipped to more than 3,000 employees across the nation, and the Group Order Tool made it happen! The General Mills team wanted to show appreciation for their employees, so we worked with them to create a Group Order full of fun, unique gift bundles! The Group Order Tool helped these and other big brands find the right corporate gifts for them, and it can make your merch order a success, too!

              Contact Us at Merchology!

              Have any questions about the Group Order Tool? Or, do you want to explore more options for ordering custom corporate apparel and gifts? Contact a Merchologist today. We’re here to help!