Internal Merchandising Request Form - Product Addition

Internal Product Addition Request Form


  • Existing Vendor: 100 Units or $2,500 worth of the added item. 
  • New Vendor: $5,000 of the added item. 
  • Qualify the opportunity: 
    • Make sure we do not have something comparable already on our site.
    • Set customer expectations, the order may take a day to be placed, as it is not something we currently offer.
    • Make customer aware if they choose to proceed there will be a stocking free of $25.00
  • If you have a rush request, please specify “RUSH” in the Additional Notes section and specify the date in the Communication Timeline field.
  • Cutoff time for same day website additions is 1:00PM, if past this time then the item will be added to the website the following day. It takes about 2-3 hours to get items added into the Netsuite/Shopify system.