Do North Face Jackets Shrink in the Wash?

With the cold weather quickly approaching, it’s time to gather your high-quality winter gear! 

Ideally, your jackets and wintertime accessories will last for several seasons. How do you keep your winter jackets clean, though? 

Since The North Face is one of the most trusted brands for cold-weather corporate jackets, here’s how to clean TNF coats so they always look — and fit — as good as new.

Will My North Face Jacket Shrink in the Washing Machine?

Overall, if you use heat to dry your The North Face jacket, yes it will shrink. Different custom-logo The North Face jackets will have different washing instructions. Always read the care instructions for the garment you’re about to clean to avoid damaging or shrinking your items when washing TNF jackets.

Remember, garment shrinking usually happens at the drying stage. Finding out how to dry North Face coats is just as important as learning how to wash The North Face jackets. Washing and drying instructions can be found on the tag inside TNF jackets.

How Can I Dry My North Face Jacket Without Shrinking?

By tumbling your jacket for a long period of time without heat, you may safely dry your TNF jacket or coat without losing its size or shape! Additionally, you may add tennis balls or dryer balls to the tumbler to prevent the down from clumping within the jacket.

Do North Face Jackets Shrink in the Wash?

Which Branded The North Face Jackets Are Machine Washable?

We have a selection of corporate The North Face jackets that are machine-washable.

Custom Waterproof The North Face Jackets

Logo-branded The North Face Men's TNF Black Castle Rock Soft Shell Jacket is made from 100% polyester, and its durable finish is wind-resistant and water-repellant, making it a great choice for wearing outdoors in the elements. It’s great for layering, too, thanks to a full-zip front, making it easy to take off and put on as the temperature changes.

Washing instructions for custom waterproof The North Face jackets can be found here. Directions vary based on the type of waterproof jacket you have.

Custom The North Face Men's TNF Black Castle Rock Soft Shell Jacket

Corporate The North Face Fleece Jackets 

On extra-chilly days, you’ll want additional insulation and warmth. Corporate The North Face Men's Medium Grey Heather Sweater Fleece Jacket is cozy while still being easy to move in due to its relaxed fit. It’ll become a go-to for busy work days in the fall and winter.

Fleece jackets are durable and can be washed using a mild detergent in a cold cycle, and then air-dried. Make sure to fasten Velcro, close zippers, and turn the jacket inside out before washing.

Branded The North Face Men's Medium Grey Heather Sweater Fleece Jacket

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