Merchology Introduces Under Armour's Much Anticipated Apparel Line Designed Specifically for the Corporate Market

“I’ve always been a hustler.”

This quote from Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank reminds us that to get to the top, entrepreneurs and athletes alike are willing to put it all on the line. Well, Under Armour stepped up their game in the corporate space and we at Merchology are proud to present their new Corporate Apparel product line.

“But Merchology already sells Under Armour--what’s different?” you may be asking. Well, what if we told you we have Under Armour product with an open chest ready to land your corporate logo via embroidery, screen-print, or any other decoration method you may need? That’s right; Under Armour has moved the prestigious UA logo off the chest and onto the left sleeve for its corporate polos and tees. (Sorry--we are corporate apparel nerds, so this is SUPER EXCITING!)

Chances are whether you’ve purchased one item or several thousand for your company, the co-branding you’ve done with other brands have allowed you to put your logo front and center while still showing your brand pride on the sleeve. That’s the best of both worlds, right? Under Armour has now done exactly what customers have been clamoring for, first with its Under Armour Corporate Performance Polo in Men’s and Women’s.

At Merchology we like to think of polos as the pocket-knife of your warm-weather wardrobe. Ready for a sales conference? Check. Client lunch? Check. Golf event, charity event, or simply a company BBQ? Check, check, and check. One of our favorite parts of this line is the "companionability" of the men’s and women’s polo. How many times have you heard “Make sure the polos you order for the men and women look the same,” or “Why doesn’t XYZ brand make a better women’s polo?” When it comes to the UA brand, now you’re ready to gear up both genders in a fashionable and functional polo that will turn heads.

The Under Armour Corporate Locker Tees are similar to the polos in how the Men's & Women's styles match up; however, the UA women’s tee is what really stands apart from the competition. Lately, a v-neck tee has become a fashion statement for guys, but from where did it evolve? From the classic styling of v-necks for women, of course. Gone are the days of unisex tees--they might as well rename them “rental tees” because chances are the only time you will wear them is when you absolutely have to. Under Armour has set out to change that. If you want to use Under Armour's trademark phrase, how about “’I WILL’ wear this tee more than when I’m required?!” A novel concept in the corporate setting, wouldn’t you say? The Under Armour’s Women’s Corporate Tee has a v-neck, shorter sleeves, and a fit that will make you smile when you look in the mirror. Best of all, its cotton/poly/rayon blend is incredibly soft to the touch, while also remaining moisture-wicking.

Company sponsored races, events, and general swag aside, these t-shirts will be going to the gym with you long after your company event, and getting it embroidered or screen-printed with your logo will customize it to your specific needs.

The company that doesn’t quit on innovation has more exciting things in the pipeline in the coming months that we can’t wait to share. Be sure to subscribe to our blog and emails (enter your address in the box at the bottom of this page!) to stay up to date on new product sneak-peaks and early releases!