Custom Laser Engraving Capabilities & Applications

Lasers aren’t just for the movies anymore! There are a few different ways to decorate a product using lasers – laser marking, laser etching, and laser engraving. Laser marking is typically used for more industrial applications and laser etching is performed on fabrics. Laser engraving is most common for customization, and it’s what we at Merchology use to add your company logo to many of our metal accessories.

Custom Laser Engraved Accessories Include…

Custom Laser Engraved Pen with Corporate Logo

Applications of Laser Engraved Products

When to use Laser Engraving as a Decoration Method

Custom laser engraving is the perfect decoration method for many products. Yet, it has its limitations as well. Laser engraving is probably the customization method for you if…

  • You are decorating a metal product – adding your laser engraved corporate logo to a metal product provides some added elegance to your custom accessory.
  • You want your design to last forever – a laser engraved design is burned into the surface of your promotional product, so your logo will last as long as the product itself.
  • You are decorating something that is frequently handled – laser engraving is the go-to decoration method for custom accessories that are handled frequently, like pens, mugs, water bottles, and tools. A laser engraved logo will never fade, peel, or wash away with use.
  • Your design is highly detailed – laser engraving is great at achieving a highly detailed design, complex logo, or fine lettering.
  • You want a design with texture – a laser engraved design is cut into the surface of the product, so it has a dimensional depth and texture to it.

Custom Laser Engraved Corkscrew with Corporate Logo

When Should I Consider a Different Decoration Method?

  • You are decorating custom apparel – we at Merchology decorate just about everything under the sun, but corporate apparel is our bread and butter. While laser engraving is typically reserved for hard goods and accessories, laser etching is a method in which your design can be added to clothing via laser.
  • You are using a flame retardant material – FR material is not suitable for laser engraving because it usually contains bromine, which is not a laserable material.

What Material can You Laser Engrave?

When it comes to laser engraving, people typically think of metal. It is true that you can laser engrave just about any kind of metal, most commonly steel, stainless steel, aluminum, silver, and gold. However, laser engraving can also be performed on a wide variety of other materials, such as wood, plastic, leather, and glass.

Next Steps

Want to learn even more about lasers? Check out our complete guide on the custom laser engraving process. If you’re still not sure if laser engraving is the right customization method for you, read our Custom Decoration Methods Guide to find out what your options are or contact us with any questions!